A Special Talk Given by Prof. Anil Kumar to the Kerala Devotees



“Devotees and Media”


September 8, 2011





Sai Ram


With Pranams at the Lotus Feet of our most beloved Bhagavan,



How many of you do not follow English? Please raise your hands. (No hands go up!) If Kerala doesn’t understand English, which state will? The state of Kerala scores the highest in literacy. You are always outstanding in your knowledge, and so this state has received awards and rewards quite often.


tourING and spreadING the message of Sai

I returned this morning after visiting East Godavari and West Godavari districts. It is a responsibility I have taken upon myself, to tour and spread the message of Sai. It is entirely my own initiative. I have neither been asked, nor commanded, much less authorised to do so. I am doing it for my own satisfaction. Though some say it is risky, I have ventured to take on this project. Why?


After Bhagavan left His physical form, for many there has been a lacuna or vacuum. People everywhere have been crying and missing Him who was so near and dear—nearer and dearer than one’s own parents! These have been really agonising moments. And to be honest, the Telugu media—the newspapers and the TV channels—did the worst damage to the Sai Organisation and the Sai movement. It has been really frustrating, disappointing, disheartening, and depressing. The nuisance the papers have caused has affected all the devotees here in Andhra. They have not lost their faith, but they are crying and suffering.


So someone had to reply. These devotees were confused because of so many things that they had read in papers and watched on TV. One hundred percent damage had been done in Andhra Pradesh. If anyone doesn’t agree with me, I pity his innocence and ignorance. Other than Andhra Pradesh, about 50% damage had been done in other South Indian states, about 25% in North India, and there in foreign countries, maybe 10%.


A communication gap

Why? What is the reason? I won’t go into details, but one reason is a communication gap. The other reason is that our people have not understood properly, so they failed to rise to the occasion. When we have to announce, we have to. When we need to clarify, we need to. So a lack of initial communication and then a prolonged delay are the factors responsible for this damage.


People were anxious to know what had happened. When we don’t clarify at that early stage, people begin to suspect. After that, when there is suspicion, there will be allegations. All this stuffed into anyone’s head naturally leads to confusion.


“He is God, so why should He be in the hospital for 27 days?”

Bhagavan was in the hospital for 27 days. One question that I got everywhere was this: “He is God, so why should He be in the hospital for 27 days?” We could not say, “Yes, He is God, but He is in the hospital,” nor could we ask them not to ask that question. We must answer this question. We must answer to the general public, because so often we spoke about Swami, His Divinity, His message, His mission, His programs, and His work. If we fail to answer this current question, all the work we did so far loses its credibility, accountability, and authenticity. So the question is: why should God be in the hospital for 27 days?


If the answers I give are satisfactory to you, please transmit, transfer, and transform people with them later. If they are not acceptable, please tell to my face that I am wrong, and I’ll take it with equal pleasure.


So here is my answer to this question: Baba was in the hospital for 27 days in order to prepare all the devotees to receive the shock of His withdrawal. To receive this news was unthinkable and undreamt of, so people were not prepared to receive it or accept it. If Swami had withdrawn from His form suddenly, without giving some time to prepare ourselves, thousands would have committed suicide. We would have lost people in the thousands, all over the world.


How can I say that? Many retired people live in Prashanti Nilayam because of Swami. There are also many old people there, like widows, widowers, and grandparents of a child studying in the primary school. There are also people with many ailments like spondylitis and arthritis. They are all totally dependent on Swami.


There are so many street hawkers, like vegetable and fruit vendors, outside the ashram. What would happen to all these people if they got this news all of a sudden? Sudden news would have created tremors in people, and it would have shaken all devotees around the globe.


Therefore, one reason I think Swami did this was to prepare the devotees, so they would not be inclined to do extreme acts like suicide. In other words, one has to be courageous enough to receive this shocking news. That could be one of the reasons for this long hospital stay.


The second reason I think is the following: Being physically near to Bhagavan for 22 years, I had several opportunities to do padaseva, which means to press or massage His feet. My experience (and it must also be that of many seniors) was that His body was very soft like cotton, soft as silk. His was a very tender and delicate body. So how am I to believe that for 27 days, His body withstood all the injections, both intravenous and intra-muscular, the ventilator, dialysis, etc.? To my knowledge, His body was so delicate that it could not withstand all those treatments.


So my understanding is that He must have surrendered His body into the care of the doctors, to do whatever they saw fit. Meanwhile, He left His body to visit the devotees all over the world. So Baba was busy, outside His body. If He was in the body, He could not have withstood the painful, tortuous treatment. So He must have left His body in the care of the doctors to do what they deemed fit, while He went all around the world, talking to and guiding His devotees.


Nobody could force Swami to do anything

The third point is this: Nobody could force Swami to do anything. You could not force Him to take one extra spoonful of ragi (Indian millet) or one extra spoon of vegetables. Impossible! If He liked it, He would take it. Otherwise, nobody could force him, not even the President of India or the Queen of England!


Furthermore, nobody could force Him to take any medicine. Impossible! Therefore, He allowed the doctors to do whatever they could, whatever they saw fit, whatever remedial or curative measures that medical science suggested. But He left at the time when He wanted to; He left at a time that He had decided upon. He did not just leave when He found that the doctors could not help. He had decided to withdraw, and thus did so. The end had come as per His Divine will only.


Avatars are ever-existent and ever-present

Supporting that statement is the fact that doctors from abroad, from India, and from the state government of Andhra Pradesh have all said that the best available treatment was given to Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. There was no better treatment available anywhere in the world. Then why should He leave? It is because He decided to leave! The Divine One who has come on His own can also decide when to go back on His own.


You and I, on the other hand, have not come on our own, and therefore cannot go back at will either. We have come because of our karma, because of our karmic bank account. Till all that karma is exhausted, we cannot leave this world. So our ‘coming’ (birth) and ‘going’ (death) are not in our hands. We are bound by the karmic effects—the cause and effects of our previous actions.


But in the case of the Avatar, His coming (Advent) and withdrawal (Mahasamadhi) happen as per His decision, as per His will. He has got nothing to do with karma. Why do I say that? (I am also a student of science, so I’m not here to tell you cock and bull stories!)


Suppose a person named Rao left us; he departed from this planet. We may call him by his name repeatedly, but he will not respond to us, as he is no more here. He must have taken some other birth somewhere else. However, when you call “Rama,” He responds to your prayers even though He is not in the body. Krishna also is no more physically present, but He still responds to your prayers. Why? It is because these Avatars neither come nor go. They are ever-existent and ever-present.


So these are the answers that I gave to that question about why God should be in the hospital for 27 days.


“Is it true that BABA DID NOT RECEIVE good treatment?”

Then the second question was this: Is it true that Baba did not receive good treatment?


This is not even a bad question; it is a silly question. The best treatment of international standards was given to Baba. To say the contrary is only ignorance.


“Has Baba left any successor?”

The third question: Is there any legal heir, like a ‘deputy Baba’, as is present in the Sankara Mathas or Kanchi Peetam, where they appoint successors, and the next one takes over? Has Baba left any successor behind Him? Is there any legal heir to succeed Him?


I answered that these Peethas or Peetadhipathi in Kanchipuram and Sringeri have gurus as their heads. They have sishyas (disciples) who, in turn, become gurus later. But God is only one, so how can you have a ‘deputy-God’, a ‘vice-president God’, a ‘joint God’, etc.? Therefore, God has no successors. He has no predecessors either! Who is the most senior Baba? Could it be someone like George VI, or George VII? God is only one, then, now and forever. So there is no question of any legal heir or successor to Baba!


However, if you force me for an answer, I’ll have to say that not only all the devotees and non-devotees all over the world, but even all the animals and plants are the successors of Baba. Why?


Lord Krishna in the Srimad Bhagavad Gita said, “Mamairvamso Jeeva Loke Jeevadevah Sanatana.” This means, “Every single being on the earth is My spark.” So who is the successor? All of us!


More Questions and Answers

The next question: When is Baba going to come back?


Some people say He will be back in 14 days, while others think He will be back in one year.  My answer is, “He has not gone anywhere, so how can He come back?”


I might say about myself, “Since I have come here, I’ll go back.” But He has not come here from anywhere; in fact, He is everywhere! So my answer is this: as He has not gone anywhere, there is no question of His ‘coming back’!


Will all activities continue as before, even though Swami left His body?


Activities will not only continue as before, but they will grow multiple times. Why? Baba is not the physical body. Who is He then? He is the energy; He is the in-dweller. He is the One who encourages you, who gives you creative impulses and intuitive insights. He is all that energy.


He has given us an example: a bulb gives us light. Why does it glow? It is because of the electric current which is passing through it. If the filament is burnt, the bulb is useless. However, whether the bulb is burning or useless, the current is still there. The electric current is there, even if you remove the bulb.


So Baba is like the electric current: He is always there, whether in the body or not. He continues like the electricity. So He is always there. Therefore, there is no decline in our activities. We shouldn’t doubt that.


What was the last message of Baba?


God has no first message or last message. His message is eternal. Is Bhagavad Gita the first message or the last? It is an eternal message! Similarly, Swami’s first message is also the last message.


So what is Baba’s message in one sentence? Love is God, God is Love. This will continue as long as the moon and sun shine.


There were so many articles about money and gold that appeared in newspapers, so people are talking about this. What do you have to say about those stories?


Baba had nothing to do with money. I never once saw Swami holding currency notes or checking a passbook. He had no account in His name in any bank. I never saw Him asking for accounts or asking about money. He never touched money. He had nothing to do with money.


All the money that has come there is out of devotees’ requests or prayers (offerings), often arriving ‘by force’ via courier services. He never bothered about it. Please believe me, there must be many bank cheques that were sent to Him, which have simply lapsed because He never cared to cash them. He had nothing to do with money.


So how are the service activities happening? Donors credit the money to the Trust bank account, which is also audited thoroughly. The central and state governments have waived many taxes and given exemptions as they know these donations are for welfare projects. Everyone in the government knows not even one paisa coin is misspent in the Sathya Sai organisations.


How can you say that money will not be mismanaged?


No cheque is honoured unless there are two signatures. So, how do you expect any misappropriation?


A small example: I was the Principal of the Sri Sathya Sai College at Bangalore earlier. If there was a budget of Rs. 2 lakhs, the money was not released all at once. It was released only in instalments. Furthermore, each instalment was only released after the previous one had tallied with all the vouchers.


Also, you could not claim anything that was not related to the academic work at the college. So refreshments could not be part of the expenses and neither could travel. Once they were satisfied with the vouchers, they would release the next instalment. So there was no scope for misappropriation. They checked every instalment, and only then they released the next payment.


When will Prema Sai come? What do you say about Prema Sai?


First of all, I am not interested in Prema Sai personally, because He is not here right now. When He comes, I may be alive or not. When I come back because of rebirth, there is no guarantee that either I’ll recognise Him or He will recognise me! So thinking of Prema Sai is out of the question as it is futuristic. We cannot say anything about it.


So what should we do? This Sai is enough: think of this Sai, serve this Sai, and listen to His message. That is enough. You don’t have to think of Prema Sai. If a person is not benefited by this Sai, do you think he will be benefited by the next Sai? Impossible!


Once the Tamil Nadu State President of the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Mr. T.G. Krishnamurthy said in the Sai Kulwant Hall, during his welcome address, “Baba, we want to serve You till our last breath. We want to be in Your company. We want to serve Prema Sai also.”


After that, Baba gave a discourse and said, “Where is the guarantee that you will know Prema Sai and that you’ll come to Him? It is enough if you understand and serve this Sai.”


theSE ARE THE questions journalists asked

Why am I presenting all these questions? You may or may not ask these questions to me, because of your acquaintance or your love for me. So I am putting forth these questions as well as answering them. These are the questions that journalists asked me, and my replies to them.


Nobody here will speak like this, so it is a bit risky also. But I have nothing to lose. I cannot bear anyone speaking ill of Swami. I simply cannot. So I have answered and given the counter-response. If anyone says, “No”, I’ll say to him, “No” equally loudly! All my prospects on this planet are over.


If anyone speaks ill of my father, will I need someone’s permission to respond? No! Then while we sing, “Maata Pita Guruvantayu Neeve,” (which means, “You are my Mother, Father, Guru, and All”), why do we need anyone’s permission to respond? It is not required. So I voluntarily started travelling, and have been answering all these questions of the media.


What is the immediate effect of Swami’s physical withdrawal on Prashanthi Nilayam?


You should never use the word ‘death’ in respect to Baba and other Avatars. We die, but they ‘withdraw’ from the physical body.


To answer the question, there is no effect. All programmes are going on as per the normal schedule. Nagarsankirtan and bhajans are going on as usual. Nobody has left Prashanthi Nilayam.


On the other hand, the Mahasamadhi has been built in white marble stone with a golden border. That is like the Birthday dress of Baba. So what is the Samadhi? It is the resting place of Baba. He is resting there and seeing His children.


The day of Mahasamadhi

On the day of Mahasamadhi, as the programme was going on, there was a sarva dharma prayer. I could not remain inside, just watching quietly.


What happens when a national leader such as the rashtrapathi (the President) leaves us? There is a procession with a gun salute, the gun carriage passing through the India Gate. Meanwhile, there is a running commentary of the proceedings on television.


So how can we keep quiet when the Vishwapati (the Lord of the Universe) withdraws from His physical body? Impossible! So I called in a TV camera and crew and, as the proceedings of the Mahasamadhi were going on, I started narrating it live on TV.


Believe it or not, brothers and sisters, these talks have consoled lakhs of devotees all over Andhra Pradesh, and given strength to many devotees all over the world. Even my children, who are in the USA, called me up and told me that they had huge screens erected in all Sai centres, where they watched these live programmes. Foreign devotees got it translated by other Telugu-speaking people, and followed these talks until 4 a.m. the next morning! My children wondered at the extraordinary kind of devotion and dedication these foreign devotees possessed!


So there are times when you just can’t wait for the command or dictation of orders. If a house nearby is on fire, do I wait to hear from the Panchayat president (village head) before I go and help? No! In the same spirit, I went on my own and spread the message of Swami.


It gave me immense satisfaction that I could express my gratitude to my God, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, in this way. I cannot say the gratitude was commensurate to the blessings conferred on me. I can say it was a little service I could render, instead of sitting idly at home.


What will people be doing there in the organisations?

As the days passed by, suddenly another thought came to me. For those of you who don’t know, I gave all my life to the organisation. I never followed my children’s birthdays or dropped them off at their in-law’s place. Instead I was always busy with the organisation; I swear this in the name of God.


So I suddenly thought, ‘What will people be doing there in the organisations? They will probably be crying. There is no one to talk to them or encourage them.’ Instead we simply send them monthly reports and circulars. So out of compassion, I felt to go and talk to them.


Then I told the East Godavari district in Andhra Pradesh that I am coming on my own. That triggered West Godavari, and they asked me to come there also. They asked me if I had taken permission. Then I told them that I didn’t need permission anymore, as I’m not here to work in the university. Baba is most important to me. As the expression goes, I cannot allow Rome to burn while Nero is playing his violin. We must do something.


In East Godavari district, each meeting was attended by not less than eight to ten thousand people! In West Godavari district, five to six thousand devotees attended! Many villagers attended the meetings in both districts. Very old devotees of Swami, aged 70 to 80 years, were hugging and crying with each other, lamenting and saying that they shouldn’t have been alive to see this day. I had to meet all of them to encourage them and assure them that Swami is still in our midst.


spiritual rehabilitation

So this current project of mine can be called ‘spiritual rehabilitation’. We must do it before it is too late. Take it from me, if we don’t do it, we cannot come back. When the patient is running 105 degrees temperature, you cannot tell him that he’ll be treated next week. It‘ll be too late. When there is havoc caused by a fire, you’ll have to quickly extinguish the fire, lest you’ll collect only the ashes in the end! Now or never, that is the challenge!


Therefore, my dear friends, we in the organisation should be even more committed to this organisation than ever before. More than ever before, we need to be dedicated and do the work in a splendid manner. I know your Kerala State President and other seniors are here. We have a lot of love and respect for each other. With that intimacy, I’m taking the liberty of telling you that if you lose one Sai devotee in any Sai centre, the office bearer may be compared to a sinner or criminal. If you don’t like those words, we may say, like a ‘spiritual’ or ‘religious’ criminal. Silently observe the attendance in Sai centres; we should not lose a single devotee at any cost. Preserving and maintaining our Sai centres, and retaining our devoted brothers and sisters in the Sai-fold are the most important things now.


Encourage people to come here

The second point is this: It is important to encourage people to visit Prashanthi Nilayam in large numbers. Nobody should say that Prashanthi Nilayam is empty, or that people are not coming in large numbers. It would be a shame if that happened, God forbid. We should encourage people to come here. We can organise state sevadal meetings and a balvikas conference here, so that people will come.


We must do this because this is the place where God lived, moved, consoled and blessed us. He is so near and dear to us: He who cared to collect letters, who cared to find out how our family was, how our health fared, how our children were doing, and much, much more. When He showered such personal attention on us, is it not our duty to see that this holy temple retains its Divine prestige and glory?


There are people who escape doing anything saying, “Swami will take care.” These people only take care of their personal and professional interests; but when it comes to Swami’s work, they try to philosophise by saying, “He will take care.” These are third-rate philosophers. Atheists are better than such people!


Really, my friends, if we are well today and have a good name, fame, reputation, health, good children and grandchildren, and progress, it is all because of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Everything is because of Him only. Believe me, it is true.


Look at your contemporaries outside, who are not Baba’s devotees. Their lives are full of stress due to financial problems, family problems, and many more such problems. But Sai devotees, on the other hand, are happy, even in the midst of problems. It is only because of Swami! He has given us techniques to be happy in the midst of problems. He has taught us how to be happy!


What should we do in return? Those of you who have seen Swami physically will agree with me that, even if we were to make sandals with this skin of ours for Sri Sathya Sai Baba, it’ll still be an inadequate expression of our gratitude for all that we have received. Brother Mukundan, excuse me if I’m stretching this too far. We are comrades in distress, and so I must say these things.


We should love each other

Next, we should take care of two important things: first, love among ourselves. We should love each other. There should not be any differences, disunity, disagreements, rumour-mongering, scandals, back-biting, or making petitions. Those are not only silly, but stupid activities. Only timid fellows write petitions; gentlemen don’t. They face any situations. Especially now when Swami is not physically amongst us, if we fight on silly grounds, we are the worst people on earth, doing the worst damage to the Sathya Sai movement.


Brothers and sisters, let us forget all differences. Let us forgive all those people who are negative to us or who are against us. The time is up. It is high time to develop unconditional love. Love others irrespective of whether they are right or wrong. Love is neither wrong nor right. Love is God, so live in Love. The love amongst us should be demonstrated unconditionally by forgiving and forgetting.


Love has to be clearly established by compromise. Sometimes I may feel humiliated or insulted; but for the sake of my God, I’ll bear all insults and humiliations. That is the reason why the Holy Bible says, “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. Blessed are they who suffer persecution for justice sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”


Let us bear the cross of blasphemy, criticism, mud-slinging, back-biting, and character assassination. Love should be exhibited by our unity. When there is no unity, there is no love. Love should be our strength. Love is Divine. Love is forgetfulness, love is forgiveness. Love is tolerance, love is patience. Love is God, and that God is our Sathya Sai Baba. This is the fundamental thing. I will repeat it any number of times, whether people listen to me, agree with me, or disagree with me. Nobody can silence me.


Devotion to Baba

The next thing is devotion to Baba. There should be prema among us, and bhakthi towards Baba. Some people say that they have bhakthi. No! Why? If you really have bhakthi, have you sacrificed your time for the organisation? Have you sacrificed money? Have you sacrificed your talent for the Sai mission? So then, what do you mean by bhakthi?


Bhakthi is service. Participate in Sai service activities and Sai bhajans. Do not leave the organisation at any time. Some people say they are happy at home. That is utter foolishness. If we have to leave Baba for any reason, that will be the biggest tragedy that can happen in our life. He has chosen us, He has encouraged us, and He has brought us up. He has made us what we are today. Our devotion should be unadulterated, unpolluted, and concentrated. We should have one-pointed attention on Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.


If I go elsewhere (for spirituality), what will I get there? What is not available with Sathya Sai Baba is not available anywhere in the world! We read so many books, and we meet so many people. But Sathya Sai Baba is a spiritual departmental store! You can get a Benz car as well as toothpaste in this Divine ‘department store’. Everything is available with Him!


Suppose I buy a very costly diamond necklace with my life’s earnings and gift it to my wife; but then she loses it. What does it mean? I would have lost my life’s earnings. Similarly, if we neglect the organisation, if we are indifferent to the Sai movement, we are losing our life-long merit, our life-long earnings, and also losing the Divine opportunity given to us.


Whether we realise it or not, our Swami has saved our children, our lives, and our values. Most of us had humble beginnings and yet, see where we are today! If I were to speak about myself, I was just an ‘Anil Kumar’, a college lecturer with Indian rupees 184/- salary then. See where Swami has taken me today!


That is true with everybody, not only me. I know a person who could not pay his house rent regularly. He started Sai bhajans at home. He became an MLA and went on to become the Speaker of the Assembly. I know another advocate who lived in a tiled house. He had no clients for his practice, so he wanted to join as a clerk. He started Sai bhajans and today he’s worth is a couple of crores!


Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba is the only One who gives you what you want and what you deserve. I never wanted any money or position, as I never cared for it. I wanted to spread His message. That has been my lifetime ambition. Baba has granted that to me, and I’ve been doing the same relentlessly for the past 40 years.


In fact, despite my answering, “I don’t want anything,” Baba asked me repeatedly, “What do you want?”


I said, “God has given me things without me asking for them, so what is there to ask for?”


In front of everybody He said, “Don’t speak philosophy! Tell me what you want.”


Then I said, “Swami, please leave me at this stage.”


Then He pressed me, “Do you want moksha (liberation)”?


I said, “No, I don’t want moksha.”


He asked me, “Why? People of all religions want moksha, so why don’t you want it?”


I said, “No.” Then He again asked why!


I said, “I don’t know what moksha is like." I don’t know whether it is sweet, or fat or tall, or what it feels like. Nobody has come to me and said, ‘Moksha is nice and you should have it.’ But since You are insisting, I am asking Swami for a chance to be born again and again, travel worldwide to every doorstep, and spread Your message. That is my only desire Swami. I don’t want anything else.”


He was so happy! He said, “Manchidi, very good.”


Grow from strength to strength

Therefore, my brothers and sisters, as a member of your family, I am saying this with love: Please make sure that we become stronger, and that you grow from strength to strength.


I hope the state of Kerala will maintain its pristine glory and pristine purity. I tell every state president to visit Kerala and learn about service activities. In one of the central council meetings, I expressed surprise that the Kerala state president was not present. My friends, I have a very high opinion of your state, which is a fact and not a partial opinion.


A good number of youth, teachers, and a cross-section of the public come here and conduct orientation programmes, which are of a very high quality. Please see that you keep it up! We should pledge that our flag will fly high because of Sathya Sai. It is not a flag of personal glorification, of flattery, or of exaggeration. It is a flag of Divine glory. It has to fly high!


Friends, I congratulate you for organising Onam here for four days. There were many prominent people, advocates, and teachers present. Having these conferences on different dates made me feel very proud of my brethren from the state of Kerala. I pray from the bottom of my heart to Swami to always bless Kerala and be with them forever!


The Malayalees (those from Kerala) are spread far and wide, in the Gulf countries and in the USA. All of them are very intelligent people. I haven’t come across an average Malayalee abroad. They are intelligent, very hard working, most sincere, dependable, and reliable. If they have come up in life, it is because of God’s grace. God has showered special grace on Kerala. Please go back to Swami’s discourses given to Malayalees on the occasion of Onam. He always praises Kerala to the skies!


It may be a communist land for political reasons, but all Malayalees are a deeply religious people; there are no atheists there. Look at the Guruvayoor or the Sabarimala temples and see how many people they attract! It is a land of the gods! You do not know how great you are! Indians are like that. Foreigners come and they praise us, saying, “Yours is a great and holy land!” And we exclaim, “Is that so?” They come and learn yoga here. We have no yoga (scope or interest) to learn yoga! They speak on Bhagavad Gita, and on Yoga Vashishta.


The Avatar has taken birth in this country. Why? It is not to do anything new; it is only to let us all know how great we are and how fortunate we are! It is only to tell us what a blessed land Bharat is!


Please know that Swami’s love for Kerala is amazing and great. In His talks on Onam, see how He has explained the rituals, the land and its beauty. I actually wanted to talk on Swami’s message about Onam, but He has taken charge and made me talk on something totally different! So I accept it as His will.


I thank Brother Mukundan for inviting me, and I thank all of you for attending. All those sitting on the front benches here are always exchanging smiles with me! And we will continue to do so; you cannot avoid me! I swear in the name of Baba, His devotees mean more to me than my blood relations. The Sathya Sai Organisation is my life. For its sake, I am ready to hold anybody’s feet; and, if that is not possible, I am ready to oppose anybody.


This organisation and Baba are very, very important! The Sai movement should continue for centuries to come! Future generations will curse us if we do not discharge the duties that are expected of us. Just as we hand over our property to our children, we should hand over this spiritual treasure to the coming generations.


May Baba be with you forever and ever!


Thank you for listening patiently.





Om . . . Om . . .Om


Asato Maa Sadgamaya

Tamaso Maa Jyotirgamaya

Mrityormaa Amrithamgamaya



Samastha Loka Sukhino Bhavantu

Samastha Loka Sukhino Bhavantu

Samastha Loka Sukhino Bhavantu


Om Shanti Shanti Shanti



     Jai Bolo Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Babaji ki Jai!

Jai Bolo Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Babaji ki Jai!

    Jai Bolo Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Babaji ki Jai! 


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