Swami Stories Taken From Sunday Talks Given by

 Anil Kumar

Taken from “Why God Incarnates; How Baba Prompts Us From Within; Kodaikanal Stories; Renouncing Doership and Enjoyership; Be Aware What To Ask Swami For; Stories of Swami’s Protection and Glory”, August 1st, 1999



No Short Cut to His Heart

On this day I just want to recall one incident which I do not know whether I said earlier. One devotee from London came to Kodaikanal. He brought with him fifty beautiful gold pens, 24-carat gold, real gold pens! And he wanted to give those to Swami but he did not dare to do it. Well, I was a greater fool in those days. Suddenly he came to me and asked, "Mr. Anil Kumar, why don’t you please tell Swami that I brought gold pens to be distributed to the boys." I took my time. I did not act immediately because I did not want to take any divine risk. But ultimately I picked up some courage. That day, immediately after breakfast, I went close to His table and started speaking, "Bhagavaning" slowly and softly, to draw His attention.

Immediately He said, "What! What do you want to say? Why are you here?" I said, "Swami, one Sai brother from London has brought gold pens." Immediately He said, "So what!" (Anil:)"Swami, he wants to give them to You." He said, "I don't want them. I don't write, so I don't want." (Anil:) "Not that, Swami. He wants You to distribute them to the students." (Swami:)"Oh! Now I understand: You want them. You take the pens," He said. "Now I understand. You are just prolonging the discussion, extending point after point, with an idea to have the pens. Then you have it for yourself." Now the cat is out-of-the-bag.

Then somehow I said, "No, no, no, not that Swami. I just wanted to tell You that he is here." And He immediately smiled and said, "You know why he brought gold pens. He thought that he could bribe Me like that. He thought that I can be corrupted by gold pens. He thought that I would grant him an interview by this act. Understand that these things will never work. Nothing doing. And if you ask for the second time, you will also join him outside the bungalow." Then I could understand what it is, how serious the situation is.


The Inner Prompter

Why I am telling you is that we cannot draw the attention of Swami by these means, no, no, no. Instead He prompts us from within. As we heard on that Guru Poornima Day, Mr. Puri came from Indonesia all of a sudden and started announcing that "I am here freely gifting 10 crores for the construction of Sri Sathya Sai Music and Fine Arts College." Baba never asked him. Baba never told him His plan to start a Music College. He never told anybody. Supposing that Swami announces, I want to start a Music college, then you can take a chance and I can take a chance. Both of us can take a chance. A third person may grab the chance. But it is not so. He did not announce. He did not tell anybody. How that man came out and started telling, "I want to give 30 crores for Baba’s Music College." Who said there's a Music College? Where's the need? Who told you?

This is an instance, my friends, to tell you how Swami works from within. Swami works from within. No advertisement. No publicity. No announcement. No program as such. Nothing like:"These are the programs for which you can liberally come forward and participate." There is nothing like a railway timetable or an Indian Airlines schedule. Nothing whatsoever! People feel the prompting from within. They liberally come forward to do it. Is it not enough to say that a kind of transformation is brought about from within? It is not told. It is not dictated. It is not commanded. He just gets things done, working from within.


Divine Thought Manifests into Action

I should also tell you some other instance. When Bhagavan was there in Kodaikanal, He wanted the boys to have some kind of a … I should say what they put on the lips…Not lipstick! (Anil jokes :) For boys, not lipstick; not yet! We have not started to play like that so far. He wanted to give some kind of oily thing here (patting his face) … Oh, mmm, something like that…because He felt they are in a cold place, in a cold climate, so He wanted them to apply cold cream or something like that. He started looking at everybody, saying, "You need cold cream. Your skin is dry." He was commenting like that

Believe me, friends, as we were just talking to the boys, suddenly one man came up with fifty tubes of this cold cream, to be given one to each. Swami just looked at me. I could not tell the man the discipline here. I said, "Swami, you did not tell him outwardly. You told him from within. You made him bring all those cold creams to be distributed to the boys." This is an instance to show how Swami works from within. Yes. It is really fantastic. He does not tell anybody.


No Season for Love

It is always the beginning of summer when Swami visits Kodaikanal. In fact one day after arriving there, He was remarking that it was the beginning of summer. He said, "It is the season of mangoes." Most of us like mangoes very much. I was feeling, "See, what is this? Wherever can we get mangoes here in this hill station? Had I been there, I should have been at my native place so that I could have had a litre of mangoes, lots of them! Believe me, the very next day, we got four basketfuls of mangoes! Immediately He came to me and said, "Wherefrom the mangoes came?" I said, "They came from You!" Then Bhagavan smiled and said, "You wanted to eat mangoes. Therefore, I had to bring them here!" You see how things happen. The moment you want it, you get it there immediately.


Divine Photograph

Last year somehow there had been a number of devotees accompanying Swami, about eighty members. They came with their families. The boys were feeling so badly that they did not have their photographs taken with Swami: individual photographs taken with Swami and each student separately. It is a life treasure to have such a photograph with Bhagavan, an individual photo. It is not a small thing. It is more important than our PhD degree. It is not an easy thing to get you know. The boys said to me, "Sir, we do not have photos with Him. What to do?" I said, "What to do? What can I do?" Then one day I told them, "Be Ready! Be well-dressed!" They said, "Sir, what dress shall we wear?" I told them, "Swami presented us with nice T-shirts with Prashanthi emblems and "Om Sri Sai Ram" written on it. Ok, you wear all the T-shirts presented by Bhagavan. The rest of the drama we shall see how we can play it.

All of them were well-dressed with the T-shirts and the pants presented by Swami to all of us. They were such nice fellows. Every fellow was looking quite handsome. So they were all seated there. Swami came out. "What is this? Exhibition! All are wearing T-shirts?" Then He looked at me. He said, "You are also in T-shirt!" I answered, "Oh, yes, Swami. Why not! You gave me a T-shirt. Why should I not wear it!" (Swami:) "Mmmm…This is all a drama you have done, I know." (Anil:) "Yes, Swami." He asked, "Why?" (Anil:) "Swami, we do not have any individual photographs this time. During this trip we did not take any photographs with You. So I only suggested that we should be dressed like this so that we can take individual photographs." Then He spiritually forced, religiously forced every one of us to have an individual photograph taken with Him! The boys were very, very happy about it. That desire, that prayer to have photographs with Swami was fulfilled in that inscrutable, wonderful way that day there in Kodaikanal. That is Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.