Swami Stories Taken From Sunday Talks Given by Anil Kumar

Taken from “Why God Incarnates; How Baba Prompts Us From Within; Kodaikanal Stories; Renouncing Doership and Enjoyership; Be Aware What To Ask Swami For; Stories of Swami’s Protection and Glory”, August 1st, 1999

Ultimate Compassion

I should also tell you another instance. There is one gentleman by the name of Karunyananada, a red-robed man who stayed here for a long time. Most of you must have seen him. Karunyananda stayed there in South Prashanthi Block I. He spent quite a long period in the company of Swami. Somebody asked him, "Sir, have you ever been a witness to any miracles while you were directly in the company of Swami?" Karunyananada said, "Yes, why not!" And then he told this story.

One day Swami was going with Karunyananada towards Whitefield. There in the front seat of the car sat Dr. Bhagavantam. In the back seat, Swami and Karunyananda were sitting. They were travelling towards Whitefield. Suddenly Swami fell down while struggling. Karunyananada got up hurriedly and stopped the car and made Swami rest fully in that back seat. Karunyananada shifted to the front seat. He sat by the side of Dr. Bhagavantam.

After fifteen minutes, Baba got up. He said, "Karunyananda, are you afraid of the situation? Don’t worry. Nothing will happen to Me. I am going to be here in this body for 50-60 years? to come. Nothing will happen." And then He spoke to Bhagavantam: "Don’t worry. Your wife just now had a paralytic attack. I went there and saved her. She is fine now." Tell me, friends, anybody who will share our difficulties? Who will take upon themselves our sickness? Who will put themselves to stress and strain and pain with no gain, with no expectation of return? Show me anybody in this world! Swami told, "Look here Bhagavantam. Your wife had a paralytic attack. I went there and I saved her. That is why I fell down here. Now she is all right." Who else would say that!

There in Brindavan a few years ago it happened that Swami did not give darshan for three or four days continuously. Swami was seriously sick. Doctors started telling that in both His heartbeat and pulse something was wrong. We got our own medical reports information…the backdoor information. On the fourth day Swami came and said, "There is one Bal Vikas teacher from Nainital. She has four children. She had a serious heart attack and she might collapse anytime. And she has been separated from her husband. Poor lady! She has to take care of her children. Who will save her? That is why I went there. All of these four days I stayed there in Nainital to save My devotee!" This is an instance to show that Swami is always with us, watching us and taking care of us. This is the assurance given in Bhagavad Gita: "Whosoever cries, whosoever prays to Me, I will be with him."


Wherever My Glory is Sung, I Install Myself There

There in the United States one of our devotees attended a music concert. The artist happened to be Ferguson, a famous trumpet player. He is a very jovial, nice chap. He gave a music concert and our devotee of Bhagavan Baba also attended that program. The devotees were sitting in a corner. As a Sai devotee, what is it you would like to offer? We give a Swami photograph or a vibhuthi packet. These people had with them a very beautiful picture of Baba. But they were thinking, "How shall we give it to Ferguson? He is there on the dais, playing all the while." (You have to understand when Ferguson plays, he not only plays but his whole body starts swaying to his tune.)

Those people were feeling badly that they could not figure out a way to hand over this photograph. Suddenly while playing, Ferguson got off the dais and started moving among the audience. He stopped right in front of the couple and took Swami’s photograph. He showed it to everybody and then he said, "I will play a special song for Sai devotees at that music concert." Then the devotees who attended the music concert wrote like this: "My prayer has been answered, Baba. How well You take care of us! How You have concern for us! How You wanted me to pass on this photograph! Such a simple thing! But it is proof enough to say that You are always with me, Swami. You are in me. You are with me Bhagavan. There is nothing that I can hide from Your knowledge. You know just how to answer my prayers!" There is a beautiful article written by that gentleman.


 Saved From the Bombing

I also want to tell you another very important story. There is one gentleman by the name of Narayan, Shankara Narayan, an IAS Officer whose character was transformed. He served there in the northern corner of this country in the state named Tripura. As an officer he was posted there in a place named Ajantha. This man Shankar Narayan, who was also a Sai devotee, had to work there at the army camp because it was the time of the Pakistan war and there was bombing everywhere. The people were trying to go back to their places, in fear of the bombings. But  this Shankar Narayan called to everybody and told them, "Look here! Swami will protect us. We do not need to run away from this place here in the state of Tripura. We do not need to run away from here. Swami will take care of us. Do not worry!"

His friends responded like this: "Bombing everywhere! You say ‘Do not be afraid,’ yet we hear the sounds of the bombs and shelling is going on everywhere!" Then what did they do? They started doing bhajans. My friends, it is recorded in the records of the government: "Except the places where the bhajans were held, the rest of the places were bombed!" The rest of the places were seriously damaged, but the places where they did bhajans, they were safe in the Hands of Swami!

Swami was telling in a discourse the other day that Naradha was once asking Lord Vishnu, "Vishnu, where are You? I know You have branch offices. But You are not seen there at any one of Your branch offices. I want to know where is Your head office. Please give me Your latest visiting card." And God gave him a visiting card. What was that address? "My devotee whenever he sings My glory, I install Myself there. O Naradha, take My address! I am found wherever My glory is sung." So this is the experience of Shankar Narayan and friends who could see Swami’s presence whenever they started singing the praises of Sri Sathya Sai Baba.


                                 Effect of Silent Prayer

There in that place called Agathara, there was one family where in that house lived only one lady staying there with her son. The husband was hiding there in the closet. The Pakistani soldiers were striking right there. A lady with her son who was all alone! Just understand her situation. What to do? She started crying and singing the glory of Swami. Next morning the war stopped and the Indian soldiers declared success and victory over there near the borders. The war stopped and the soldiers marched off. Then she said, "Swami saved me, my kindly husband, and my country as well." This is how Bhagavan responds to our prayers every time whenever we look to Him.


Divine Revelation

On the trip to Kodaikanal, Bhagavan started distributing saris to all the air hostesses there on the Indian Airlines aircraft. I said then, "Swami, you are giving costly saris to the air hostesses. Why? Because they receive a very high salary! Air hostesses there are very well-paid. Why do You give these costly saris?" Then He asked, "Are you jealous?" And He added, "I will give you a sari." I answered, "Swami, there is no chance. I cannot wear a sari in this life! Let me try next life." And I did not stop at this. Further I said, "Swami, if I were to wear a sari now, I am sure that I would be more beautiful than most of the ladies here!" He laughed and laughed saying, "Is that so?" "Next life I will try to wear saris," I said. Then immediately He looked straight into my eyes and said, "Why? Why sari? Why should you say that you will be born again? That too in the form of a woman! Why don’t you pray that you should not be born again? You should have Mukti. You should have moksha, liberation. Why do you say that?"

Then I told softly, "Swami, nobody told me how liberation is, whether it is sweet or hot, whether Mukti is tall or short, whether it is fair or dark? I do not know. But, as a human being, speaking about You, talking about You, singing Your glory, I know the charm and the beauty of it. So I do not want Mukti, no! I am sure! I want to be born again and again. I want to be the State President of Sri Sathya Sai Organization in Andhra Pradesh and I want to propagate Your message, to go to every village and talk and sing about You! That is what I want. I do not want that liberation. Oh no, I do not want it!" Then He said, "Hey!" so nicely and He added, "It is so good to hear about it." So, my friends, we ask for certain things about which we do not really know. Is it not unfortunate? Are we really prepared? So Bhagavan Baba explains several things for us. We find new revelations every time.