Swami Stories Taken From Sunday Talks Given by Anil Kumar

Taken from “Fasting, Truth, Dharma, Secular, Friendship, Science & Spirituality, Work is Worship, Miracles and Healing Stories”, July 18th, 1999

"I Am In You"


There is a simple example. There was one devotee from Italy. He came to Swami and said, "Bhagavan, I met You last year. But I do not know why I could not forget You all this year. Throughout this year, I could not forget You! I was remembering You all the time. Why? Why?" That is his problem! Our problem is, “Why do I forget You?” Of course, that is also a problem. What is it? Swami, why have I forgotten You?” This is my problem. The problem of the Italian devotee is, “Why I have not forgotten you?” That was the problem! And do you know what Swami said? "He has not forgotten Me throughout the last year. Why? The reason is simple. I am in you. Since I am in you, how do you forget Me?  Impossible!”



Swami Stories Taken From Sunday Talks Given by Anil Kumar

Taken from “Why God Incarnates; How Baba Prompts Us From Within; Kodaikanal Stories; Renouncing Doership and Enjoyership; Be Aware What To Ask Swami For; Stories of Swami’s Protection and Glory”, August 1st, 1999

Why Fear When I am Here?

Once when I went to one place, a center by the name of Kakipet near Hyderabad, the railway superintendent called me. So I went there. The superintendent of the railway station started asking me, "Anil Kumar, I could not attend your talk this evening. I am so busy. Would you please come into my chamber and spend some time." It was an air- conditioned office. There was still about one hour to go before my train arrived. Instead of standing there idle, I could spend some time in his office. I went in and started talking about Swami. He was so happy. The time was nine o’clock. It was time for my train to arrive. So I said, "Sir, the train must be there. Let me go." He said, "Oh, yes, yes, let us go." But when both of us came out of his chamber office, we saw the train leaving the platform! I was feeling so badly. "Oh, Baba! Why should You unnecessarily break me while I am on leave? Why should that man unnecessarily ask me to talk about You, Baba? I feel intoxicated. I feel lost the moment I start speaking about You! This has been my weakness. And this has made me curse now. Swami, what am I going to do?"

I was feeling so badly. The train left and had gone up to the railway signal. I was feeling so badly. Please believe me; those people there can verify what happened next: The train started running backwards! And then it stopped just where I was standing! I got onto the train. Do you all expect a train to run backwards? Huh? When it is running forwards our trains often meet with accidents. Well then, when they run backwards, avoiding all the other trains, that is saying a lot about our Swami! Then after I came here Swami said, "Why should you cry? I made the train come to you, OK? You don’t need to go to the train!" It was really fantastic!


With God We Are All Heroes

With Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, everyone is bound to be a hero, I tell you. Everyone is found to be a hero. You will be respected wherever you will go. You will receive all the esteem and respect and the glory wherever you go. You will be recognized wherever you go. People act as if in awe, that is all!

In fact I hit on some official work in Hyderabad to settle my accounts there. I went to the Secretariat. I saw a number of people waiting at the gate, a number of senior people and principals and vice-chancellors, who were all waiting to have an interview with him, the Chief Secretary to the Government of Andhra Pradesh. Doubting my chances, feeling I am nobody there, I sent my visiting card to the Secretary: "Anil Kumar, Prashanthi Nilayam." That is all

Please believe me, my friends, immediately I was called in there in front of all the people who had been waiting outside there before me. They were top people. That gentleman, the Secretary, kept on asking me, "Oh, where do you come from?" (Anil :) “Puttaparthi." (Secretary :) "How is Sathya Sai Baba? Please tell me some latest miracles." (Anil:) "All right." When once you ask a fellow like me to speak, I will go on and on. How about the fellows waiting outside? They will finish me off! So I was very quick and I told him certain things. He was so happy. He started shedding tears. And the P.A. brought the tape recorder and started recording whatever I was telling him. Then he said that he had much work to do but he wanted to hear my speech about Swami. I forgot the purpose for which I had gone there! When I was finished with my speech and about to leave the room, he asked me, "Why have you come here?" (Anil:)"Well, Sir, these are my papers." (Secretary:)"Ok. Done. We will do it. Done. Don’t worry."

With Swami behind us, we are everything. Top people were there. I was told to just go straight into his chamber which is otherwise possibly impossible! That is Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Swami is by our side. He has the status. He gives you the status. He gives all the decorum that is needed at the time so that you are treated rightly. There was no question of going back to at all. I can tell you like this how I had so many thrilling experiences, exciting experiences.


I Look to You Even If You Do Not Look to Me

Most of you must have heard that Shirdi Baba said, "Why fear when I am here!" Shirdi Baba also said, "I’ll look to you, if you look to Me." Sathya Sai Baba says, "I look to you, even if you do not look to Me!" which is an extension of Shirdi Sai’s message. Shirdi Sai said, "I look to you if you look to Me." The "if" clause is there - the conditional clause. But Sathya Sai Baba says, "I look to you even if you do not look to Me!"

I very well remember a devotee from a village telling me that he came to this place after a gap of twenty years. Just imagine. Swami, while giving darshan, went up to him and blessed him saying, "You are here after twenty years. You must have forgotten Me, but I have not forgotten you! Your first son must be the director-manager now. Your second son is an engineer. The second child was not born right then…" He started telling all the details. This fellow started shaking. He could understand. His was a shake dance or what dance, I do not know! He started crying loudly. So, "I look to you even if you do not look to Me" is Bhagavan Baba’s declaration. "I install Myself whenever My glory is sung." These are the declarations of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. These are all His cryptic statements given to everybody.


Divine Choice

I also know one gentleman who wanted to become a Minister. But he had no chance as he had no money. (Unless you have money, you cannot contest in an election. Please believe me. He hailed from my native place. I can give you all the details. Since you are not interested, as you do not know that man, I am not giving the name, that’s all.) That gentleman, who could not afford to pay the house rent, contested the election and became a Member of the Assembly. Later he also became the Speaker of the Assembly. Still later, he became a Member of Parliament and a VIP there. After all, originally he had been a very poor man. But in Sai we have all the glory. With Sai we have all the protection. In Sai we find our refuge. In Sai we find shelter. With Sai we find all the happiness and comfort. And when once we become Sai, things will start moving very, very fast, even mundane things, worldly things, or professional things, everything.

I do not know how many of you have heard of our President Shankar Dayal Sharma, the President of this country. His son-in-law was a Member of Parliament, Lalit Markham. While Sharma was the Governor of Andhra Pradesh, his son-in-law was shot dead. As his son-in-law was shot dead, Sharma was completely depressed and frustrated. He had total depression. He immediately came to Prashanthi Nilayam and said, "Swami, I lost my son-in-law. My son-in-law was shot dead in the premises of the Parliament. (The accused were shooting the whole country in those days.) I want to get out of politics," he said. Swami said, "You cannot. There is a long way to go. You are going to become the President of India," He said. Sharma was the Governor at that time. Look here: He became Vice-President of this country. Later he became the President of India as predicted by Bhagavan Baba ten years before.

You must also have heard of Sivaraj Patel, the Speaker of Lok Sabha in this country. He came to have Swami’s darshan here and Swami said, "Wait, wait! You are going to become the Speaker of Lok Sabha." He said, "Swami, do not speak like this. Congress Party is not in power now and my name is not on the panel. I am not going to become the Speaker. Please Swami, please don’t say that. Let not Your words go in vain." Swami’s response: "Shut up! You are going to become the Speaker, Ok?"

By the time he got back to Delhi, the panel of names that they had had just been rejected. All opposition, everybody, was unanimous in selecting Sivaraj Patel as the Speaker of Lok Sabha! You know what he did? He immediately flew to Bangalore. He did not take the oath of office immediately. He did not occupy his chair. He flew straight to Puttaparthi and fell at His feet and cried, "Swami, You brought me this position. Before the swearing-in ceremony, I wanted to have Your darshan and go back today." That is Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.