Swami Stories taken from Sunday Talks by Prof. Anil Kumar

Taken from “Laziness, Ego, Yagnas, Suffering, Science and Spirituality, Personal Family Stories”, July 4th 1999

                                         What about Ego? 

Only recently I spoke to our former students, old students of our Institute. They asked me to share a few thoughts from my mind with them. I just now went and spoke to them. I am just coming from there. I told them, "Hey boy, you may feel that Swami is not looking at you. You say, 'Swami is not looking at me. He is not smiling. In those days, I had a number of padnamaskars and a whole number of interviews. Why not now? What happened to me now? Am I a stranger? Am I a nobody? But in those days, when I was in full form, He gave me the opinion that I was very important for this Incarnation, that I was the only powerful devotee! Now what has happened? Why is He avoiding me?' ”


And here is what I told my boys, just now. I told them, "Boys, understand: He is avoiding you because He sees you first. If He wants to avoid anybody, He cannot avoid them without seeing them. So, when He is avoiding all of us, it means He is seeing us first, in order of priority. Then if He wants to talk to you, He will look at you next. So do not think that Swami is not looking at you because He is positively, necessarily avoiding all of us. So, He is certainly looking at us! Otherwise, how can He turn His back on us like that? He saw us first! Therefore, He is looking away. Hence, He turned His back! It is like a registered post. If you send something by registered post, you will get an acknowledgement receipt back. So, when He turns His back, that is our acknowledgement receipt. Don't worry." That is what I was telling them. Why all this?



Swami Stories taken from Sunday Talks by Prof. Anil Kumar

Taken from “Laziness, Ego, Yagnas, Suffering, Science and Spirituality, Personal Family Stories”, July 4th 1999

What Will Happen After Death To the Spirit?

This story prompted other devotees, who wanted to know more about the life-after- death, to ask some other questions to Swami. "Swami, what will happen after death?" Another person started asking, "Swami, what will happen to the spirit? How long will it be there?" I was very much fed up to tell you honestly. These are young boys. They have got a long life before them. For these young boys, who have got such a long life ahead, such a topic they should not relish. Immediately I said, "Swami, a humble prayer." He said, "What is it?" (Anil) "Let us not ask questions on this point. What have we learnt of death? We have nothing to say. If the life after death is going to be interesting, well I cannot help the situation here and now. I cannot be very happy now. Even if I am going to be happy hereafter, my present debts and loans are not cleared here. My present problem is not solved. And, on the other hand, if I am going to be unhappy after death, should I start caring from today? Why? Not necessary! Whether the life-after-death may be happy or unhappy, why should I worry about it now? On the other hand, we are extremely happy today watching You. We are extremely happy today to talk to You. We are extremely happy to be near You and to listen to Your message. It is time for lunch. Let us go!" I said. He liked it immediately. "What he said is true. Why do you want to know about the life-after-death, losing the present good chance? The present chance is quite a golden chance. To be in the company of God is most precious and very much coveted. Why are you worried about the life-after-death? Why all that? Now this is the golden opportunity."

So my friends, the sadness is there in us because we worry about the future and also about the past. Then Bhagavan gave one simple example: When you drop any heavy object, it will fall to the ground. But if it is cotton, it will go up because of its light weight. So too, as you become lighter and lighter, discharging your duties as required from time to time, clearing all responsibilities by the age of fifty, then you will enjoy life. If a lady starts a fresh business at the age of sixty, or if a gent wants to get married at the age of seventy, we cannot help the situation. So, after fifty one should be free from all responsibilities, as Bhagavan says. The whole life should be as light as a piece of cotton so that it can fly high. It should not be a dead weight so as to pull one down. So this is the secret to being happy. That is what Bhagavan has said.


Swami's Grandfather's Last Prayer

Bhagavan was also referring to His grandfather. Grandfather was at that time, coming to Swami in the early morning around four o'clock. He would come calmly and silently before the sun rose, around four o’clock.  Swami, the poor boy, the tiny tot with His blanket covering Himself from the top of His head to the bottom of His toes, would cover up more so on coming to know that Grandfather was fast approaching! He covered so that Grandfather could not notice His Feet. But Grandfather came slowly and despite Swami’s effort to hide His Feet, he lifted the blanket and touched the Lotus Feet. Like that, he would take padanamaskar and leave every morning. That had been his practice.



Once Grandfather said, "Baba, my last prayer, I want You to answer my last prayer." Baba said, "What do you want?" (Grandfather) "Swami, I want You to be by my bedside when I breathe my last. When the end comes, I want You to be there near me," Swami said, "OK." Then suddenly one day Swami started moving to the Old Mandir. He kept moving toward the village. Grandfather saw Swami coming there. He immediately called the mother of Bhagavan, Eswaramma, the daughter-in-law, and said, "Oh, Swami is coming. My end is nearly approaching. I am going to die." And she said, "What, Grandfather! You are 112 years. How is it you are going to die? No, no. You are so strong!" (Grandfather) "No! Swami said that He would be here when my end approaches. So I am going to die." (Eswaramma) "So what shall I do?" (Grandfather) "Get some water and Tulasi leaf ready."  Then Swami came slowly and put His grandfather’s head on His lap. Grandfather started looking at Swami. Swami made him sip a few spoonfuls of water with Tulasi. Looking at Swami and praying to Him, he breathed his last. Thus Bhagavan was describing the end of His grandfather.


Swami's Father's Request

There is another story Swami told about his physical father and the request he made to Swami. He pleaded with Swami, "Soon after I die, make some sweet preparation. I have also brought with me a hundred rupees. When the time comes, get some small change for this hundred rupees, and just distribute that change as the dead body is taken in a procession. Why? - Because I had a provision shop here. When customers came here to buy some provisions, I might have forgotten to give them some small change. I do not want to leave this body in debts. No, let me clear up all these debts. I should not be indebted to anybody. So, let coins be distributed to everybody, Swami." That is what Swami’s father said.  Baba told him, “Don't worry. I will take care of it." He died on that same day, and the coins were distributed to everybody as per his request. And a sweet dish was prepared in the early morning. Then Swami said that His father could have a premonition of his death because he was the father of this Divine physical body. Therefore, he could know when his death was coming.



 Swami Stories taken from Sunday Talks by Prof. Anil Kumar

Taken from “Laziness, Ego, Yagnas, Suffering, Science and Spirituality, Personal Family Stories”, July 4th 1999

 Eswaramma's Visitations


Speaking this sincerely, Swami said, if you have got to laugh, if you have got attachment, you need not freely leave this Divine Body. The spirit will come to Me, will surround Me. Even now it seems the mother of Bhagavan, Eswaramma, visits Prashanthi Nilayam still today. He was telling us what has happened sometimes, and what she has said. One time, just in a happy mood, Swami said the following. (I don't know whether I am supposed to share this with you or not, but I take the Divine spiritual risk, as I often do.) Well, what happened was this: It seems He was feeling rather loose here in this part, where He wears His dhoti. (Anil shows his waist.) And suddenly Swami said to the boys, "Boys, I want a belt. Would you get me some belt?" (in order to make the dhoti tighter). The boys took it quite literally. The next morning, a few belts came: a belt from Singapore, a belt from Bombay, and a belt from Delhi. That morning Swami exclaimed, "Chi, chi! Do you think that I would have these belts?!? Chi!  Take it away!”


 That night Mother Eswaramma came to Prashanthi Nilayam. She went into His room directly. The boys who were sitting outside Bhagavan's room could overhear the talk there. They slightly opened the door to Swami's room. They saw Eswaramma and Swami talking to each other. Mother Eswaramma told Swami, "Swami, You gave me so many jewels in those days. I knew then that these jewels should go back to You after my death. At that time my whole body was burning with these jewels! I still have that chain, the golden chain, Swami, which You gave me then. Why do you want those other belts? Chi, chi! Take this chain and use it as a waistband. It will be tight enough.” And thus she gave her gold chain to Bhagavan. It exactly fit Him. Then He gave that chain to one boy there. And He told Eswaramma, "Why did you come like this? The boys are afraid of you! You go now." And she left. Then Swami asked, "Boy, bring that gold chain." That boy brought it and He showed us that gold chain. From this incident Swami was explaining that if you have intense love for people, even after you leave this body, the spirit or the soul can still linger around, move around those people whom you loved the most.


He also mentioned another incident connected with Eswaramma: One day she came directly and the boys could hear the conversation. They opened the door and listened to the conversation. What did she say? "Swami, you have established a very big hospital. You have lost weight. Why don't you have health check-up for Yourself?” Health check-up, why not! So many thousands are waiting there. He said, "Eswaramma, do not tell Me that. If you talk in this way, I will not allow you to come back like this. Nothing will happen to Me. Go." (Eswaramma)"I will not go, Swami, unless You promise that you will go for a health check-up.” Swami said, "All right. What else to do? Those who serve us, their hand we should oblige."


All right! After some days, He sent word to the hospital doctors. They brought some medical equipment, and checked Swami. To quote Swami, "They all declared, Swami is the healthiest man! Healthiest: BP normal, pulse rate normal, everything is paka (fine). The doctors were very much surprised to see such fitness at the age of seventy-five! What! So fit! That is the Divine body. It is not a human body. It is not a body like yours, not like your body or my body. No, it is a Divine body, so strong, so strong. This Swami said, and He laughed and laughed.


It seems Eswaramma came once again on another occasion and she said, "Swami, I have one request." "Hey! You go on coming here with some request. Go and come." (Eswaramma) "Please, Swami!" (Swami) "OK! Only this is the last request! What is your request?" (Eswaramma) “You take a kerchief from everybody. Do not do that hereafter because people of this century, people of these days, are mischievous fellows, dangerous fellows. They may put some chemical there on the kerchief that will poison You. Please do not do that." And He said, “Amma, chi! No poison can do anything to Me! Nothing! Nothing will happen to Me, I am telling you!" (Eswaramma) "No, Swami, unless You promise that You will not take kerchiefs from people, I will not leave from here." In order to drive her away from that room, Swami said, "OK. I will not take from everybody. I will take kerchiefs only from students hereafter."