Swami Stories Taken From Sunday Talks Given by

 Anil Kumar

Taken from ďTeacher Ė Guru - MasterĒ September 3rd, 2000



How to tame the mind? Will the mind allow itself to be tamed? Where is the mind to tame? Where is it? How to tame it? Is it possible? Why to tame the mind? These questions should come to our mind. The moment I saw the title, I got all these questions. Where is the mind? How to tame it? Who is to tame it? Why to tame it? What is the harm if I donít tame it? These are the questions that came.

If I donít tame my mind, what happens? There is misery, sadness, imagination, fear, anxiety, terror, tension, worry, hurry and what not! When the mind is not tamed, when the mind is not trained, here comes all the horror, the terror, the tension, the hypertension, the blood pressure, and the cardiac arrest. These are all due to the mind that is not trained.

People say an ambitious man suffers from ulcers. The recent medical people say that ulcers are due to ambition, too much of ambition. "I want to become President of India! So, you constantly think, "President, PresidentÖ" What happens? You wonít become President, but youíll become a patient! So, too much of ambition is the cause for ulcers. And too much of thinking, too much of anxiety is the cause for blood pressure. Too much tension leads to hypertension and cardiac arrest later. It is our mind that pays the medical bills, not the body. Poor body is so good. Body is so good. It has not done any harm at all. The tongue wants to eat as many sweets as possible. The ear is ready to listen to the pop-music of Michael Jackson. The hands are ready to hold the Gold-Spot bottle, OK? When the body is so nice, so good, like a flower, a rose flower, like a dewdrop, so innocent, so pure, so chaste, so gentle, so tender, shining so brilliantly, the poor body suffers because of the guilt of the mind.

I am the thief, yet you are punished. See this: When the boss is corrupt, the clerk is dismissed. Thatís what has happened here. The boss, the mind, is a monkey mind, while the body, a Ďperfect gentlemaní, is punished. In fact the mind should be put in the hospital, not the body. (If this is possible, let us see someday!)

So, my friends, taming the mind is necessary in order to see that we are not tensed or that we are not worked up. For any silly problem, this is very necessary. We donít need to reach Brahman. Forget about it. You see weíre very, very tensed every moment. Any simple problem: If gas cylinder is delayed for one hour, that is enough for Ďshakeí dance! What dance!

So, itís time we have to tame our mind if we want to live long. If we want to be free from diseases, we have to tame our mind. Tame the mind so as to be balanced, so that it is not restless. "All right, I missed the bus. I missed the bus this morning. I must go to my office in time. Well, that should not hurry me. All right, Iíll get the next bus. It doesnít matter."



So, a balanced state of mind is necessary. We have to tame the mind. When the mind is balanced then we can think of God, not till then. Itís not possible when I am in a hurry to go in an hourís time to Bangalore, to catch the taxi, advance paid. In between I want Swami to grant me an interview and give me prasadam. He will not go by your timetable. No. So my friend, taming the mind is necessary to have that balanced state of mind. Taming the mind is necessary to be healthy.

Ultimately what should happen? The mind should not continue in that state. This is the next step. I tame the mind. Why? Why? How long shall I tame the mind? The mind is tamed today. What about tomorrow? Again a monkey! Mind is so nice in the morning. By the evening, itís so bad. By night, awful! So mind is changing day, morning and night. How do I tame my mind? When? How long?



The mind has to be tamed so long as necessary until it is lost - until it is lost; until the mind is gone, until the mind vanishes. Until you can say, "Never mind. Never mind, I donít want it! Never mind the mind." Why? Because it is the mind that has created all the duality! It is the mind that gave you all the experiences of misery and happiness, all of which made you dance. No! So, the mind has to be tamed so as to be lost.

Here in India we educate our daughters. We give them all dresses. We spend a lot of money. Why Ė in order to prepare her to join her husband, to get away from here. Should you spend so much of money on her just for her to leave home? Yes, itís a matter of pleasure. I donít want to keep her at home her whole life, spending lakhs of money. No, no, no! I want to spend so much so that she may leave and join her husband.

So, we are taming the mind to get away from it; taming the mind to lose it and taming the mind to allow it to vanish in due course of time.

My friends let us pray to Bhagavan within every one of us, the silent, unseen, hidden, latent Divine master within us. May He talk to us through His own unique Divine inner voice, at the level of conscience, giving no scope for any kind of duality or for any sort of borrowed knowledge! Let Him convey through His own Divine vibrations whatever He has to convey to each and every one of us.



Swami Stories Taken From Sunday Talks Given by

 Anil Kumar

Taken from ďQuestions Bhagavan Put to the Primary School Children,Ē September 10th, 2000



I have updated with all that Bhagavan said on the verandah with students. But something had happened in between. I think it was on the third of September. There was some conversation there. It was the day of the immersion of the Ganesha idols. (At the end of the Vinayaka Chaturthi celebrations, Ganesha idols are immersed in the Chitravathi River.) As you might have seen, many, many idols have been brought there in a procession, with the boys dancing and singing. Bhagavan had a photo with every group. The whole procession went on.

Somehow I came before time. By that time, all were assembled here, particularly the primary school children. The primary school children sat in the front rows. Most surprisingly I saw Swami sitting on the chair on the platform between the two lions, on the revolving chair, talking with the children, cutting jokes.

The discussion that went on there between the primary school children and Swami is of immense value. It has general importance. It speaks of the quality of the children. It also speaks of the kind of training that they receive in the primary school. We were very much amazed to hear those things. A few things I noted on a small paper, which I want to share with you on this pleasant morning. Being a teacher, my temperament is always to share. I cannot keep anything to myself. Let me tell you what had happened that day.

Swami started asking questions, and children started giving answers. My friends, these are the questions, which are very, very important to every one of us. I, for one, would honestly feel that Swami wants to communicate these things, taking advantage of the children who had assembled there that morning. It is with that purpose I wanted to share this matter I collected.




These are the questions put by Swami. First question, He asked one child, "Where do you come from?"


Our usual answer would be, if that question is put to anyone of us: "Iím from Canada." "Iím from U.S." "Iím from Switzerland." "Iím from Delhi." "Iím from Madras." "Iím from Australia." "Iím from Andhra," so on and so forth.


But with a Sai child, by that I mean a child studying in Sri Sathya Sai Primary School, what is the answer given by that Sai child? "Where do you come from?" The answer is, "I come from You, Swami. I come from You."


This is very important because sometime back Bhagavan said that we have not come from our parents, no. Parents acted as just a medium. Parents acted as a medium, thatís all. We have come through our parents, not from our parents - just a little correction or adjustment in the preposition.


The same thing is stated by the famous man, Khalil Gibran, in his book "The Prophet". There Gibran clearly states that we are through our parents. Our parents act as a medium. God has chosen to bring to this world a piece of consciousness, a being of consciousness, a creature of consciousness. He is brought into this world by the Will of God through the medium of parents. Parents are serving as instruments to bring forth into this world the being of consciousness. Our being is consciousness.


What a wonderful answer that child gave! I do not know if the child knows the depths and the philosophy behind it. It is for us to make it out. Thatís the first question.