Swami Stories Taken From Sunday Talks Given by

 Anil Kumar

Taken from ďTeacher Ė Guru - MasterĒ September 3rd, 2000



You understand a teacher, but you experience a Divine master. Teacherís teaching is understood. But the Divine master is experienced. There is nothing to understand because Divine master does not make you a scholar. The Divine master will never make you a knowledgeable man. A man of letters has little to say about anything. A man of bookish knowledge is one of borrowed knowledge, of second-hand information. But the Divine masterís communication is original, creative, nescient, fresh. The Divine masterís communication is fresh. It is not borrowed.

A teacherís information is borrowed. Sometimes a teacherís teaching has greater clarity than the Divine master. Some people say, "What did Swami say? What did Swami say? Oh, you were also there. Did you not hear?" Some people ask me, "Sir, what did Swami say? I saw you there. Did you not hear? Well, I did not understand."

"Oh I see. Why did you not understand? Why do you think that when you have not understood that I could understand? I am not wiser than you are. Why do you overestimate me and underestimate yourself?"

Sometimes we feel that we do not understand Swami. We do not understand Swami, but youíll understand your teacher. If my students do not understand my teaching, Iíll be out of my job in the next second because my teaching must be understood for my survival, for my salary! A Divine master is not meant for understanding. Please understand this: Heís not to be understood. When we try to understand Him, instead of understanding Him we may rather misunderstand or get confused because He will never allow you to understand. He will never allow you to understand Him:

He grants interview in the morning. Heís so close to you. But in the evening He will say, "When did you come?"

"You spoke to me this morning! Why do you ask, ĎWhen did you come?í Whatís all this? Whatís all this?"

"You have been seeing me here for the last so many years. You know that I know only Telugu, my mother tongue. When you start talking to me in Tamil, how am I to consider a language not known to me? You go on talking in Tamil. I donít know the alphabets!"

What is my position? How am I to understand You, O God? How am I to understand? I have only to understand that I cannot understand. Swami talks in this way, He acts in this way only to make us understand not to try to understand Him. Why? Understanding comes out of the mind. It is the mind that understands. It is the mind that does not understand. It is the mind that misunderstands. Understanding, not understanding, and misunderstanding are the three states of the mind. But the Divine master is above the mind.



A mad fellow is there whose mind is non-functional, a mad fellow. You teach him electronics. What will happen to him? Heíll bite you! Because he has no mind. His mind is not functioning. You talk to him, but heíll close your mouth because his mind is not thinking. So, mind understands or mind does not understand. But the Divine master is not understandable. The Divine master cannot be approached with the mind. The Divine master cannot be understood by the mind because the Divine master is not the mental understanding. The Divine master is the experience.

A teacher gives the understanding. Thatís the reason why we want to understand Swami. But therefore, as the Divine master, He wonít allow you to understand Him. First we get confused, and then afterwards depressed. "My problem is urgent!" No. It is urgent to your mind. Rise above the mind. Then it is not so important.

So, we are yet to learn a factÖno, no, a truth. Fact is different from truth. Fact is worldly. Truth is spiritual. Fact changes; Truth is changeless. So the time has come when we have to learn the truth that we are in the company of the Divine master, not with a teacher. When once we understand that we are in the company of a Divine master, we have to learn the ways, the approaches, getting ourselves equipped thoroughly to this new situation to which we have not been exposed till now.

"Till now people have been talking to me. Whenever I have a problem, I talk to my mother. Whenever I have a problem, I talk to my father. I go to a teacher. I go to my friend. They console me. They advise me. They help me." But this is a situation where you donít get immediate external words of solace, external words of comfort, external directions, external guidance, physical nearness or proximity. Nothing - because the Divine master communicates from within. Let us wait to listen. Let us pray to listen.

We can ask a teacher. But we have to pray to a Divine master. We have to pray to the Divine master. You can just ask a teacher. You can ask a friend. You can ask a teacher, a friend, a philosopher, or anybody. But a Divine master, you have to pray to Him. So, we have to pray. When you pray, He responds. Prayer is within; response is also from within. Outside, when you request externally or request outside, the reply is external. Very good! External answer, problem solved. But this is a problem that is of a different dimension, which is of a totally different nature.

Further, the author goes on to some other plane: When once we are conscious of the Divine master, what happens next?

I have gone to a teacher, speaking on Gita. What happens? I got the knowledge. Wonderful! I am informed of all that I did not know till now. I go to a church on one Sunday. I listen to the sermon made by the pastor. So I am informed. There are many missionaries who speak on the points of laser sciences or gene principle. They can explain anything, the latest subjects. Wonderful! You are informed. Youíre abreast the times. You have grown wiser. You have got knowledge. You are knowledgeable.



But in the presence of a Divine master, what happens? It is not the knowledge that you received. It is not the information that you got. Itís not the listening. Itís not the understanding. What happens here? Awareness. Awareness is the gift of the Divine master. Awareness is the gift of the Divine master, while understanding is the gift of the teacher.

So, let us be aware of this awareness. Awareness is the gift of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, the Divine master with whom we are living. Awareness of what: Awareness of reality, awareness of Divinity, awareness of the Knowledge of the Self, awareness of immortality, awareness of the soul, awareness of the spirit, awareness of the conscience, awareness of the consciousness, awareness of life, awareness of the eternity. This is the gift of the Divine master.

"He doesnít solve my family problem. He doesnít solve my business problem. He doesnít look into my political problem. He doesnít give me any guidance. He doesnít tell me whether I should do M.Sc. or M.Tech. or M.A. or M.B.A. He doesnít tell me whether I should get married or not; whether it is time to have a child or not." Stupid! Absolute stupidity! Utter stupidity! Total ignorance!

This is not awareness by any standard at all. In the world, anybody will tell you these things. "What subject I should study?" Go to any man. "Shall I study computers or what? Shall I study engineering or medicine?" That man will tell you "Are you strong in mathematics?" "No." "Forget about it (engineering). Take to medicine, no problem. Join M.BBS. Without mathematics you can become a doctor." So these things anybody can tell you. How to make business? Anybody can tell you. Political career, anybody can tell you. But awareness, nobody can tell you. Awareness is not to be told.

How can I tell you how sweet the laddu (Indian sweet) is?

"Sweet is laddu."

"How sweet?"

"Very, very sweet."

"How sweet?"

"Very, very, very, very, very, very, very sweet. Very to the power of 1000!"

"Shut up!"

"How sweet it is."

Then what he will do? He will go to the canteen immediately and push one laddu into your mouth so you cannot speak. Then what happens? You start tasting how sweet it is. You also eat.



So, my friends, this is awareness. Awareness is tasting; the process of tasting. It is not taste. Taste can be said. The process of tasting cannot be said. Tasting, how tasty. So, my friends, this awareness is the gift of Bhagavan Baba in the true sense of spirituality. Because we are not aware of this point, we are confused. He tells everything, what to do, what not to do.

Thereís one point, which I want to tell you also, which is very important. The author says this way: When there is this total awareness, what happens is the breeze, the cool breeze that passes by the body of the Divine master, as it touches you, it conveys a message. The breeze that touches the Divine master and passes through you has a message to convey. The flowers, the plants at the place where the Divine master moves about, have a message to convey. The sand on which the Divine master trots has a message to convey. This is awareness.

You feel the vibrations from the very place. You feel the vibrations from all the plants around. You feel the vibrations from the coo-coo birds, the hummingbirds in the morning, at the time of nagarsankeertan. You get a message from every friend that you meet because the Divine master is in him. The Divine master is in you. This sort of awareness is absolutely necessary so as not to be confused, so that weíll never be depressed. Weíll never be frustrated. Weíll never be disappointed.

This is a heterogeneous group. When once we sit there in Sai Kulwant Hall, it is a heterogeneous group. By Ďheterogeneous groupí I mean it is not a group of post-graduates. It is not a group of graduates. It is not a group of school children. It is a heterogeneous group, meaning a mixed group. To a mixed group, the Divine master has mixed approaches. The Divine master has got His own method of communication.



Because He talks to a person, it does not mean that He should necessarily talk to you. Because one person gets an interview, it does not mean that you need an interview. Because the mind immediately says, "Why didnít I get an interview? Why didnít I get a padanamaskar? Why didnít He talk to me? Why He talks to others? Why? But why canít He talk to others?" The mind disturbs. The mind disturbs to such an extent that we donít want to see the face of those people who got the interview because "Why didnít I get it? Why did you get it?"

And even after getting an interview, even after being so close to Swami, the mind is also disturbed! Why? "Iím great. You do not know. I am pretty senior. You do not know. Iím a man of charity. You do not know. I did so much of work for Swami. You do not know. None can equal me. You do not know. The sacrifice I have done, you cannot estimate. My spiritual career you cannot imagine." Chi! Utter nonsense! This is madness.

So, this sort of mind, in either way - being close to Swami, being spoken to, being so near - gives you a psychology, which is as bad as being away from Him because this closeness has made you egoistic. You feel so proud. That is equally a psychological disease, worse than leprosy is physically. Ego and pride are just opposite of spiritual pursuits and spiritual endeavors. No spiritual man can be egoistic. No spiritual man can feel proud since thereís nothing to feel proud about because as Baba said, "You are God. You are God. Everyone is God. Body is a moving temple. Indweller is God."

When you are God, when everyone is God, when all are the reflections of the same, where is the need to feel proud? What is your achievement? Let me know. What is it that you have achieved? What is it that I have not achieved? You have known you are God. You are already God. Now you have known that you are God. Iím still in Ďknowingí. That is the difference. So really thereís no difference at all.

So, my friends, let us not get into this madness of being proud in positive situations, or of being frustrated in negative moments of time. Thatís all gimmicks, the dance, the monkey mind, as Swami always says. You must have heard that Phyllis Krystal wrote a book called, "Taming the Monkey Mind." Itís a good title indeed: "Taming the Monkey Mind". The time has come that we have to tame the mind first.