Swami Stories Taken From Sunday Talks Given by

 Anil Kumar

Taken from ďSelected Sai Stories,Ē September 17th, 2000


"Swami, why all this? Canít you give me liberation, awareness immediately? Youíre such a powerful God. Why should I do all this? Iíll sit in front of You. Just bless me with awareness. Iíll go back. My flight tickets are reserved. Yes, I have got some round-trip tickets. I can go back. No problem. Please give me awareness."

Bhagavan tells you, "Awareness is not given. Awareness is not taught. Awareness is not inherited like properties. Awareness is not imported or exported or manufactured. Awareness is to be realised as that which already exists. Awareness is already-existing." That awareness is already there: Chit bhava, Chit meaning awareness. That awareness is already there. Our job is to realise it. Our job is to feel it. Our job is to be alert, constant integrated awareness, CIA as Bhagavan says. Constant integrated awareness, we have got to be aware of that. Thatís what Bhagavan tells.

Now He gives one example: "A guru is like a doctor. He gives you a prescription. You have to take the medicine according to the prescription. You cannot ask the doctor, ďTake the medicine on my behalf. You have written the prescription; please take three tablets a day, four times the mixture. Iíll be alright tomorrow.Ē How can you be alright when he takes the medicine?" So, awareness is not to be realised by the guru on your behalf. No. He makes you realise the Divinity within.

In this direction, we have some more points to talk of, to think about the role of a guru, how the guru brings transformation in every one of us. I think this is the most interesting and important topic to every Sai devotee because mind sometimes wavers. Mind is sometimes unsteady.


Swami Stories Taken From Sunday Talks Given by

 Anil Kumar

Taken from ďTeacher Ė Guru - MasterĒ September 3rd, 2000




One: We have been wondering why many of us feel dissatisfied or discontented. We know many people complaining that they have not reached anywhere as per the expected standards along the spiritual line. Discontentment is there in the spiritual line. Why? There is discontentment and dissatisfaction in the world. And the same dissatisfaction is prevailing here in the spiritual path also. Why? That is the question that has come to many of us.



Two: I am able to know exactly where I stand in the world. In the field of education, I know where I stand: undergraduate, postgraduate, doctorate, post-doctoral dissertation, post-doctoral degree. Where I stand academically I know. Spiritually where I stand, where I am, I do not know.

Economically, I know where I stand. I have few thousands. I have couple of lakhs. Iím a crorepathi. I know Iím a millionaire. I know what I am financially. I do not know what I am spiritually.

Academically, I know my personality. Economically, I have my identity. Politically, I know what I am Ė whether I am a citizen or a man of some position or whether I have some authority or controlling ideology - what I am I know. Spiritually what I am, I do not know.

Socially I know how Iím advancing by being respectable, by being more respected by everybody good name from two hundred people next time; some five hundred people thereafter. Let the whole town praise me; organise some function in appreciation of my goodness! Right! So I am of some stature in society! Everyone says, "You are that and this." Oh, is that so? Very nice! I can be still better. When a hundred people say I am a good man, let me try to get a socially I know where I stand. Spiritually, I do not know.

What is to be done now? How to know that, where I exactly stand? Why do I not know this when I know everything else? When I am able to know where I am in every aspect of life, why is it, how is it that I do not know where I am or what I am in spiritual field? Why?

This has been a question that has been bothering many, many, many people; students too have put me this question in the class when I said, "Now let us have some question hour." (Then I could know that I have gone into risk!) When I said, "Questions are open", they made me nonplussed. They said, "How to know, how you know where you are in the spiritual standard?"




My friends, from the knowledge I have, from the facts I could hear from the Divine lips of Bhagavan and from Sai literature, I want to share with you a few points. I repeat once again (I find joy in repeating, being a teacher) that I do not know anything else other than what Baba has said. So I am telling you what Swami has said on this particular point.





I was reading a book where I had a revelation the other day. There are two kinds of people it seems. The first set of people are those, the seekers of Truth no doubt, who are after somebody to teach them, to let them know the technique, to let them know about meditation, to inform them about Divinity, to let them know what the sacred texts say about everything. So, one class of people is after somebody to inform them, to let them know. That person we can call a teacher. So, many people are after teachers. What does Bible say? What does Bhagavad Gita say? What does Koran say? What do sacred texts say? So, all that is to be said, all that has to be taught is done by teachers. So, one class of people is after teachers.



Then there is a second class of people. The second groups of people are not after teachers. They are in search of the reality. They are in search of the source of knowledge. They are in search of Divinity. They are in search of Truth, embodied in a physical frame. They are in search of Divinity in a human form. They are in search of a personality holding all the essence contained in the sacred texts, moving in our midst. You call Him a master. You call Him an Avatar. You call Him a prophet. You can call Him in any way you like. They want to learn from that very personality, not through the medium of a book. This is the second class of people or seekers of Truth.

So we have two classes of seekers of Truth: the first class who are after teachers; the second class who are after Avatars or incarnations or prophets or the master or guru. We could give any name because guru is also Avatar.