Swami Stories Taken From Sunday Talks Given by

 Anil Kumar

Taken from ďSelected Sai Stories,Ē September 17th, 2000


Two days back you must have watched Muslims here in Prashanthi Nilayam. Muslims wear a special white cap with embroidery. So from a distance you could make out that they are Muslims. My impression of Muslims is this - which they do not usually go to any temple. They are very, very rigid about it. They do not accept prasadam (blessed food), none whatsoever. (Thatís my observation, subject to correction by anybody.) They are very rigid and they donít attend any other discourses referring to other religions and faiths. That has been my experience so far.

But the moment I saw them in large numbers, I could not believe it! I had to put on a Ďquestion markí face. When Swami passed by me He said, "Come here. You distribute prasadam to those people." The fact which I could not swallow, the impression or prejudice which I had been entertaining over years, had got to be dispelled now.

So He made me distribute the prasadam to them. I had to bend every time to distribute - me, the fellow who used to receive prasadam! To distribute is difficult! Eating is quite easy. Distribution one has to bend. OK. Itís Lordís Command. What can we do?

After completing this He said, "Did you distribute to everybody?"

"Yes Swami."

"Did you eat any?"

I said, "I did not even smell!"

Then He said, "Thatís why they were adequate! Thatís why the stock was enough for distribution! Had you started eating, it would have ended with yourself!"

And then I said, "Swami, itís really wonderful, unbelievable to find Muslims here in Prashanthi Nilayam."

He said, "Why not?"

"Why not? Because my experience goes that usually they donít go to any other temple and they are very rigid about it - Fundamentalists!"

Then He said, "No, no, no, no." He didnít like my comment.

Then I said, in order to provoke a comment from Him, "Swami, they have got all sorts of hatred and anger towards Hindus. Therefore they do not attend any temple. They do not listen to Rama or Krishna, as far as I know."

Do you know what Baba said? "They may hurt anybody. They may have hatred or anger, whatever qualities they may have. Hatred and anger, they have to leave them outside to get into My Presence. They have to leave them outside. All your jealousies, all of your bickering, all of your quarrels, you have to leave them outside at the gate and only then, enter and come to Me," He said.

It is really a very, very beautiful statement. We find Iran and Iraq never sail together. We also know Soviet Russia and the United States do not go together. India and Pakistan's relationship is universally well known! Better not discussed! And even among Christians, the Catholics and the Protestants donít go hand-in-hand. Among Hindus, the Vaishnavites and Saivites, they donít see eye-to-eye with each other. If a Vaishnavite, a follower of Vishnu, happens to see a Saivite, a devotee of Shiva, he has to take bath immediately because it is inauspicious to look at the face of a devotee of Shiva! That has been the spirit of love between them!

Under these circumstances, is it not wonderful to find all living together, all sitting at one place, Muslims, Christians, Hindus, of all denominations, of all sub-sects, singing together the Glory of one God. Why? Bhagavan said, "All your hatred and anger, you have to keep it outside and then only get into this Mandir."

Yes. But my friends as we go back, let us not pick up our baggage again and go! That is the caution I can tell you. All that baggage, we kept it outside. But while going back, we collect our baggage there! Let us see that we do not collect it again. Let us empty ourselves of all this prejudice and bias.

The second day also the Muslims were there.

And He said, "Why are they still there?"

He asked me. Who are we to tell? So I said, "Swami, how do I know?"

Then Swami said, "Look here, I constructed a school for them some time back Ė for Muslims, an Arabic school and they have the primary school classes run over there. They want some extra rooms to be constructed now. So they have come for money."

"Oh, Swami, is that so?"

And then He said, "You can also again distribute prasadam there." Very big-sized, mega-size laddus! The others yesterday were only micro-size. These were mega! They were quite fine; so attractive. They were so fresh! But "Father led us not to temptation!" was my prayer at that time.

I distributed all laddus and returned. And Bhagavan went there and spoke to those Muslims brothers. From a distance I could see smiles. I could also hear claps and loud cheers.

So when Swami came I said, "Swami, what is it? Why are they clapping like that?" He was very kind enough. He did not say, "How are you concerned?" My stars were good that day!

And you know what He said? "They want to construct a Kalyana Mandapam, a place where weddings will be performed for Muslims. They want a Community Hall where Muslims can perform the weddings there."

"Oh Swami, is that so?"

"They want to make it ĎAllah Sai Kalyana Mandapamí."

Weíve heard the name ĎAllah Sai, Moula Saií in bhajan songs. But I have not heard of a Kalyana Mandapam like this: ĎAllah Sai Kalyana Mandapamí.

"Oh Swami, 'Allah Sai'?"


Then I asked, "So what are You going to do? What was Your response?"

Bhagavan said, "What response? I called immediately engineers and asked them to get it ready for them at the earliest. When they ask, I will do it immediately."

People speak of the unity of religions, the fellowship of faiths in high language. Well, here is Bhagavan who translates into action what all He stands for, what all He speaks about, by granting them schools, by constructing a Kalyana Mandapam for them. Well, thatís no ordinary thing. I wanted to share that with you.



Another point I also wanted to share with you: Yesterday evening, the latest informationÖI give you the hot-hot things from the oven, I tell youÖone gentleman came for Bhagavanís darshan. I know him. I have heard him speak earlier.

Swami called out, "Come on, come on." That man came and had padanamaskar. And then Swami went on speaking about that gentleman: "Heís from Zambia. Heís running a school there. He and his wife, both of them work for the school. It is running very well. Most of them are native Africans. Most of them are Africans, black," He said.

How to continue the discussion is my job now. "You mean to say black people?"

Then He said, "Hey! Donít talk like that!"

I purposefully did it. I know the danger involved! As life risk is not there because Swami is there, no problem. Had I said it in USA, I would have been finished! "Black people!"

Bhagavan said, "Hey, donít say that! All are same to Me. All are same, black and white, no distinction."

Then I said softly, "We have differences, Swami. We have differences."

Then Swami said, "Thatís why you are suffering! Thatís why you are suffering since you have differences!"

Then Bhagavan said, "I donít have any difference because the black and white, both are in Me mixed. Both are in Me mixed. Both of them are mixed in Me. So thereís nothing like one being above the other. No difference. Both are in Me." Thatís what Bhagavan said just yesterday evening.



To keep you again informed of the latest, this morning Swami was passing by and He spoke to one young man working there in the hospital. He was inquiring about the health of a VIP, a very important man. He was just asking him, "How is he?"

He said, "Heís alright. Heís alright."

Then Swami said, "Is he happy?"

That young man said, "Heís happy, Swami."

"Is he healthy?" He said.

"Swami, heís healthy."

"Oh." Then Swami walked a few steps and said, "Healthy man should be there. He should be healthy in the hospital. He should be healthy. But some of you are happy, but you are not healthy. But if you are happy and you are healthy, I am happy. If you are both happy and healthy, I am happy." Thatís what Bhagavan said.

Then He looked at me and I said, "What a subtle distinction you brought between the two: happiness and being healthy. Healthy and happy, they should go together."

Thatís the remark that Bhagavan made this morning.



We often think of one important factor everywhere in our life. More than love for the Lord, most of us have fear of God. When we have this fear towards God, we cannot call it devotion. In fact as Bhagavan says, "God is dearer and nearer than oneís own parents." When God is so near and dear, nearer and dearer than our own physical parents, if we are afraid of Him, if we fear Him, can we call it devotion by any standards? No.

Some of the religions, some of the faiths, emphasize this factor: fear of the Lord. But Bhagavan Baba always says, "Do not fear God. Love God. Live in Love. God is Love. Love is God." Thatís what He says repeatedly.

Then why do we fear Him? We often fear Him because as Bhagavan says, "Why fear? Why fear at all?" The answer given by Bhagavan is "Where there is a mistake, there is fear." Because of the mistakes committed by us, we have fear. We fear everyone.



When there is no mistake or blemish, we donít need to be afraid of anybody. We can afford to be fearless all the time. All right. If we fear God, it does not end there. The fear takes you to another step. Thatís the reason why we have to cut it off or chop it off at the beginning itself, uproot it. If fear is allowed, it takes us to worry. Fear takes us to worry. We go on worrying. And what is worry according to Bhagavan? "Worry is mentally-created fear."

(My friends, I am not tired to repeat any number of times that these are all the teachings and sayings of Swami, nothing of my own because I am fortunate that I do not know anything else. I am very fortunate because I am free from confusion. I am not confused. I will not confuse you. Too much of reading confuses me, and you are left in a state of confusion confounded!)

So what is worry now? Mentally-created fear. Third question: How to be free from worry? First, what is fear? Second, what is worry? Third: how not to get worried? How not to worry. We worry, yes. How not to worry? We always want to find a solution for our worries. Solution for our worries is not a guarantee for total stop of the worries. No. We should find out this: how not to worry.