Swami Stories Taken From Sunday Talks Given by Anil Kumar

Taken from “Selected Sai Stories,” August 27th, 2000


Since this is a family gathering, I am sure that you do not misunderstand me if I tell you a naked truth: We feel VIP is ‘very important person’. But to Swami, VIP means ‘very insignificant person’. You may say, "How is it?"

When very important people (according to our calculation) take important seats at one place our Lord starts giving darshan from the other end. And He walks slowly, slower than usual. He delays and delays so that the VIP’s become restless, sitting on the gas stove or a Bunsen burner! He delays slowly, slowly, dead slow at times. He goes on collecting letters, asking, "Where is your letter?" when that fellow has been there with a letter for one month, nicely ignored! Beautifully neglected, conveniently left or dropped! He goes on standing there, materialising vibhuthi, and extra kind.

Nothing is permanent with Swami. I am not a fool to think that there is a permanent place. No, I am not a fool. I am sufficiently mature. It’s a question of time, that’s all.



One day Swami was mentioning the story where a father commands the son to cut the head of the mother. The father, who is a sage, wants his son, Parasurama, to cut the head of the mother, Renuka. Father commanded him to do so.

The son dutifully, immediately picks up the sword and chopped off the head of the mother. The father was so pleased and said, "Son, you followed my command. I grant you a boon now. What do you want?"

The son said, "Father, I have only one wish. Please bring my mother back to life. That’s all." So the mother was resurrected, made alive.

That is the story Swami explained. But it carries a message for the benefit for every one of us. After telling this story where the son follows the command of his father and then gets his wish fulfilled, these are the two words that Bhagavan used: (Anil Kumar gives two Telugu words here which mean:) "Follow the command. Get your desires fulfilled.” Observance of the command will help us to get our wishes fulfilled. That is the message of Bhagavan.

Unfortunately, as is 100% clear, we want the second without the first! The first, follow the command! “I am sorry; I have no time to follow.” Or, “I don’t want to follow.” But we want the second –our desires to be fulfilled. How is it possible? You can’t have the pudding and eat it too! You can’t have the cake and eat it too! Impossible!

So Swami said, "Many of your wishes are not fulfilled. Why? You don’t follow the command." We don’t follow the command. This is the message He conveyed that morning, which we were all very, very happy to hear that day.



One tall student was trying to come close to Swami, leaping over the crowd, and he succeeded in passing an invitation to Swami. Swami compassionately took that invitation from him and said, "Is it your wedding?"

"No, no, Swami, my elder brother’s wedding."

"Oh-ho. Your elder brother also was a student of our college. Now he’s working. Oh I see. This is his wedding card. Stay here." He went inside, brought a bag with clothes to be presented to the bridegroom. He gave that bag to that boy.

“Give this bag to your brother. He was a student of our college. Very good boy!" Then He materialised a ring and asked this boy to wear it, to be passed on the bridegroom later. "Hey! You don’t take it yourself. You give it to your brother, you understand?"

"Ok, Swami."

Here is the lesson, a very important lesson: Swami asked that boy, "Tell your brother, who is an old student of our college, tell him, though he has forgotten Me, I have not forgotten him! Though he has forgotten Me, I have not forgotten him. Please tell him."

"I will not forget you, even if you forget Me. I shall not forsake you, even if you forsake Me. I will remember always."



There was once a famous writer in Telugu literature, known to everybody all over the state, who came here after a long gap of time. Swami showered His love on him. Bhagavan came and said, "What! You think of Me after eleven years? You came here eleven years ago. Now you come here. What happened to all these eleven years?"

He thought to himself, ‘How did Swami remember eleven years? Am I the only fellow here?’

"I could not come, Swami," he said.

(He could have kept quiet. Sometimes silence is gold, more so in the presence of Swami! More we speak, more of our follies are exhibited! The depth, intensity, magnitude of foolishness is made public. So better we remain silent!)

He could have said, "I am sorry, Swami. It is my fate."

Then Swami said, "If you really want to come, then could you not come here? Where there’s a will, there’s a way. If you really wanted to come, there’s no path leading to this place?" That man could only bend down his head in shame.

This episode applies to every one of us, to convince us that Swami will never forget us. We’ll never be forgotten in spite of a gap in time.



Another thing happened: One boy was playing on veena in the auditorium. I was lucky enough to get the seat by His chair that day. Swami was enjoying the whole program.

Suddenly He said, "Anil Kumar, come, come. That fellow, I performed the marriage of his parents. I performed the marriage of his grandparents. Now he is buffalo. He’s looking like buffalo now." Now the buffalo is ready for the marriage to be performed by Swami!

Swami was so happy – the spirit of a parent, how parents feel happy when children grow up! He was so happy to see that fellow! "He’s like a donkey! He studied there with our Ooty boys. He studied in our Ooty School." Bhagavan expressed His feelings with a sense of joy, a sense of fulfilment, having started an institution for them. He was so happy.