Swami Stories Taken From Sunday Talks Given by Anil Kumar

Taken from “Selected Sai Stories,” August 27th, 2000


Some time back, a group of devotees asked Swami, "Swami, how shall we serve You?

Swami said, "You don’t need to serve Me. I am serving you. What you are all seeking here, I come from long distance, walking all along, talking to you, and doing whatever you want. I am serving you. I don’t want your service."



Some of the teachers are ABCD teachers. Who are ABCD teachers?

First, A =Avoid: If any student asks a question, answer, "This is not necessary for you! You learn it next year, next semester." Avoid.

Next, B=Bypass: If you are asked one thing, speak another thing. "Did you read that? Did you go through that? Were you present there?" Bypass.

C=Confuse: Ask him again and again. If he puts a doubt, put the same doubt in active voice, passive voice, direct speech, indirect speech… use the word gimmicks. Confuse him. "I’ll see you next time, sir."

D=Divide: Tell them, "Last year’s batch was better than this batch!"



Let me tell you of the latest visitor who is still here. The latest visitor who is here right now is the First Lady from Kazakhstan, with family members.

Swami said yesterday, "You see, the First Lady, along with her children, she landed here in Puttaparthi, straight from Russia. They didn’t have any break anywhere. They gave instructions, ‘If the government thinks of it, let there be customs checking in Puttaparthi airport, not in Bombay or Bangalore.’ They took a chartered flight straight to this place!"

The same evening, Bhagavan gave them interview. And Swami walked and said one sentence. It is still ringing in my ears. "All of them want to take Me to their place, Kazakhstan! They said, ‘Swami, we are ready with this flight. Please join us. Let’s go!’ "

It’s their first time facing God, first time face-to-face. What kind of inspiration, what kind of impact made them feel pain, when they think of separation from Him! So they want Baba to fly with them to Kazakhstan!



Some time back, the Prime Minister from Nepal was here. Swami granted him an interview for about an hour. I have not seen a VIP, ‘very important person’, given that long an interview. It is because he is not only VIP, but he is also an ardent devotee.

That day I was there before time, thinking that Swami would come soon. But He came late. Then He said, "Today you are here before time!"

I said, "Yes, I thought that You’ll be happy."

He immediately said, "You’re here for darshan of Nepal Prime Minister, not for My darshan. You want to see Nepal Prime Minister, not Me, so you came before time. Have you seen him?"

What shall I say? "Yes, Swami, I have seen him."

"Very happy, good. So I will go. See, you have come to see him. You have seen him. So I’ll go," He said.

And He went there and gave him an interview for one full hour. After that, you must have seen there on the veranda the movie cameras, videos and all that.

Swami came slowly and then said, "Do you know what the Prime Minister asked?"

"What did he ask, Swami?"

"He said, ‘Swami, let me have a photo with You!’ "

I did not keep quiet. "Swami, what did You say?"

And Bhagavan replied that He told the Prime Minister, "You have a number of photos with you, number of photos along with heads of governments from all over the world. Why now photo with Me? Why?"

Then it seems Koirala, the Prime Minister said, “All photos with the heads of the governments from all over the world is one thing. But a photo with Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba is worth it, superior to the whole lot! This is another thing, Swami. I must have photo with You!"

"Oh, I see." And then Swami said, "Oh, what do you want?"

The Prime Minister said, "Swami, how I wish that I should be so young as to be a student of Sri Sathya Sai Primary School. How I wish to be a student here, enjoying Your company, enjoying Your jokes. But it’s too late. What can I do?" Then he said, "Swami, those who are here are very lucky because they have Your darshan morning and evening every day."

Bhagavan, in order to console him I think, said, "Why do you feel like that?" Prime Minister said, "Swami, we come once in a year, or we come here once in two years because we are so busy, due to the pressure of work. But these people are here! They are luckier than all of us."

Swami said, "You have come here with all your heart, with all your devotion, with all your prayer, in all humility. A visit of that sort once is enough. Why many times? A spoonful of cow’s milk is enough; why barrels of donkey milk?"

Of course I kept silent because to which category we belong to!



Then Swami said, "The Prime Minister visited Super-Specialty Hospital. There in the visitors’ book, he wrote in praise of the hospital. ‘You don’t find anywhere a hospital of this type, a hospital where treatment is given free-of-cost; unparalleled hospital!’ praising it to the skies, which is true. Towards the end, he wrote, ‘This hospital enjoys the blessings of Guruji.’ "

Swami in the interview room asked, "What? Guruji!"

"Yes Swami."

“It has blessings of Guruji?"

"Yes Swami."

"Who is your Guruji? Who is your Guru?"

"Swami, You are my Guru."

"Oh ho. Then you can write ‘Sathya Sai Baba’. Why ‘Guruji’?"

The Prime Minister said, it seems, "Swami, we can tell the name of an equal. We can say ‘Tom, Dick, Harry, Anil…’ We can call people by name if they are our equals. You are our superior. You are God. How can I say ‘Sathya Sai Baba’, Swami? So I said, ‘Guruji’.

Then Bhagavan turned to us, all of us, and said, "That is the level of devotion of those people coming from foreign countries, from far-off places, whereas you Indians call ‘Rama’, ‘Krishna’, as if they are your next cousins! Look at these foreigners, what devotion they have! They say, "Bhagavan", "God", and “Lord". See their devotion!"

It is a teaching to all of us. We cannot call Him by name as He is the Lord, Bhagavan, which we have to learn.