Swami Stories Taken From Sunday Talks Given by

 Anil Kumar


Taken from “Selected Sai Stories,” August 13th, 2000



On one occasion, Bhagavan visited Madras. Bhagavan was sitting on a chair, when a gentleman made an announcement: "Brothers and Sisters, Puttaparthi is the place where God is staying. Better you go to Prashanthi Nilayam and see God there." He made a public speech. He thought he made a wonderful speech.

I remember Bhagavan got up and said immediately, at the earliest chance, to correct, to punish or to reward instantaneously: (He doesn’t take any time. There’s no ‘starting trouble’! Just immediate action!)

"Just now you heard the speech, asking all of you to go to Puttaparthi. It is totally wrong! Utterly false! Where do I stay? He said I stay there in Puttaparthi. He said that all of you should go to Puttaparthi to see Me. It is wrong. I stay in you. I am in you. You don’t have to go there. I am in you. You don’t have to go there to see Me. I am in you. I am in you. Why? You are Mine. Since you are Mine, I am in you.”




Somebody came and asked Swami, "Swami, I want some flat here in Puttaparthi."

Do you know what Swami said? "You want a flat here? Where is your flat?"

"Swami, in Puttaparthi, I want one flat – in Round building at least, or some West block."

Swami pointed to His heart and said: "This is your place. Heart is your home. The Heart is the place where I stay, not in those apartments. Do you understand?"

Therefore, our real home is the Lotus Feet of the Lord.




A few years ago, there was a great man, a man of letters, the first principal of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning (Prashanthi Nilayam campus), a noted writer and orator par excellence, a pleasing personality, by the name of Dr. Amarendra. He was invited by Bhagavan to be a guest speaker for one of the days of the Summer Course.

Bhagavan, at six o’clock, came out and asked him, "Amarendra, where do you stay? Where is your accommodation?"

Suppose you and I were in his position. We would have said, "We stay at Holiday Inn in the city, or Hotel Ashok in the city." Or we would have said, "We stay in South Prashanthi, or East Prashanthi".

He did not say this. Instead he said, "Swami, I am staying in Our home only." Swami was very, very happy. That word ‘Our’ made Swami very, very happy.




Anil Kumar referred to the discourse given by Bhagavan the day-before-yesterday, Varalakshmi Vrata Sandesh. There Bhagavan said: "Draupadhi is the one of perfect chastity and character, the best example for chastity and character."

And then He Himself asked, "With five husbands, how can you call her a lady of perfect character?"

So Swami Himself has put this question, because this question will come to your mind immediately. Because such are the questions we have. As God is a pure mirror, He reflects immediately. Everything is reflected there. The moment the thought comes, He  reflects it there.

That is the reason why, after most of the discourses from Bhagavan, you find a number of people telling you, "My doubt was cleared."

Did you ask the doubt aloud? Did you write it on any paper? "Bhagavan, these are all my doubts: one, two, and three?" Did anybody tell Him, "Please clarify my doubt, Bhagavan? I would be thankful to You"? No, no! Your doubt is one thing. His doubt is another. Her doubt is something separate. His doubt is something of a different feeling altogether.

That is the reason why Bhagavan’s discourse is like a department store, like Pennies, or Sears, where all the articles are available, right from toothpaste to Mercedes Benz cars. If you are a scientist, you will find some poems relating to science in Bhagavan’s discourse. If you are a politician, you will find some political principles. If you are a worldly fellow, you will find worldly knowledge. If you are completely spiritual, you will find spirituality everywhere in sublime thoughts. If you are a seeker of Truth, you will find it there. You will naturally find certain things you never imagined to have known.

So, Bhagavan’s discourse caters to the requirements of the entire society. It is not meant for a particular part of the society. It is not meant for scientists alone, doctors alone, engineers alone, or intellectuals alone. No, no. It is meant for A to Z, for everybody.

Is there anybody living in the world who can satisfy people of all age-groups, people of all languages, people from all over the world, of different vocations, vacations, allocations, provocation, professions, all being satisfied at the same time? It is only Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba who will satisfy the whole of the audience at the same time!


Taken from “Selected Sai Stories,” August 20th, 2000


 A group of foreigners was called for an interview. I saw them go in quickly, one after another. Of course, in the earlier years I used to be jealous, but not now! Though I don’t say that jealousy has totally left me, some traces appear now and then.

At the end of the interview, when the group of foreigners left, Swami stood and said, "Most of them are teachers. They live on their salaries. They are not rich. They save some money every month out of their salary. With that money, they make a trip to this place.

One rich man said, ‘I will pay for your travel expenses.’

They told him, ‘Thank you for your offer; thank you for your concern; but Swami will not like it if we receive money from you. Swami will not appreciate it if we receive money from you. We respectfully decline.’"

Swami said, "This is important. This statement is important. All foreigners follow Swamis teachings 100%. You should know that."

That’s what Swami said. "They all follow whatever I say. They have understood that My life is My message."

I don’t receive anything from anybody; I don’t accept anything from anybody. This you should know.

So my friends, time is up.