Swami Stories Taken From Sunday Talks Given by

 Anil Kumar


Taken from “Sri Anil Kumar Speaks to Southern California Young Adults,” April 23rd, 2000




Yesterday a Prime Minister of some other country made a statement to Swami: "Bhagavan, how fortunate these people are! They come for darshan. They have Your darshan, morning and evening. They have the rare privilege of participating in bhajans, both morning and evening. They are very lucky, whereas fellows like me really come from a long distance. Bhagavan, I consider myself miserable."

What did Swami tell him? “You are a good devotee. You feel so sad that you are not able to see Me day-in and day-out. You feel so sad that you are not able to make frequent trips to this place. But, this one trip you made is because of yearning, because of continuous prayer, the sincere desire to see Me. That one visit is enough. Why thousands of visits like these people? One spoonful of cow’s milk is better than barrels filled with donkey milk. One spoon of cow’s milk is more nutritive than barrels filled with donkey milk!”



Somebody said to Swami, "Swami, so-and-so is speaking like this against You."

His answer: "I am equally happy in praise and blame."

Baba also added, “I see. You are so much pained. You are very much hurt because someone is speaking ill of Me. All right. How do you come to know that? You hear because of your ear. I have given you legs also. Why don’t you walk out of the place?”

And further, He said, “Here are all My people, My devotees, like the size of a mountain. There are those who find fault with Me because of their own selfishness, those whose desires have not been fulfilled, those who have not understood the mystery behind the Divinity. This group and that group might say a thousand things. You may feel happy in praising Me. She may feel happy in criticising Me. But I want both these people to be happy. I bless both of them. He is happy by praising Me. She is happy by criticising Me. I am happy since both are happy. Since both of you are happy, I am equally happy.”



A few days back on the veranda, I was making a reference to a small group of people who are ‘bad’, branded ‘bad’, and who are also publishing newspapers including all the bad things they learn. I started telling, “So-and-so is bad. So-and-so is a hopeless fellow.” All my information was from the newspaper.

Do you know what Baba said? “You like newspaper news. You read them. You collect news. But you forget the nuisance coming from you. The nuisance is coming from within. Within is nuisance. But you collect news. What for is all this? No, no. To Me, all are good. To Me, all are good. There is nothing like being bad or vicious or cruel. Nothing! To Me, all are good.”



Regarding the Super Specialty Hospital, I remember someone telling Swami, "Swami, You don’t need to charge poor people. At least You can accept money from rich people. Rich people are coming to You. Why don’t we charge them for cardiac surgery, heart surgery?”

Baba immediately said: “Keep quiet! The rich man and the poor man have the same heart. There is nothing like a ‘rich’ heart and a ‘poor’ heart, a ‘middle-class’ heart, an ‘American’ heart, an ‘Indian’ heart, a ‘rural’ heart, a ‘metropolitan city’ heart. Heart is heart. It is heartless to say that the rich have to pay and the poor need not.

But this man did not keep quiet. He asked again, "How to run the hospital then?”

Swami said, “For good work, for selfless work, for work born out of Love, all people will join their hands. All will join. All will cooperate.”



Yesterday, a Prime Minister from another country was on a visit here. He asked Swami, "Swami, how do You manage Your hospital, which runs absolutely free-of-cost? You don’t charge. How do You run this hospital? How is it possible?"

Swami said, “If one is broadminded, if one is compassionate and full of consideration, with that you can do anything. With compassion, with broadmindedness, you can do anything in this world. When one is narrow-minded, one is not able to do anything.”