Swami Stories Taken From Sunday Talks Given by

 Anil Kumar


Taken from “Sri Anil Kumar Speaks to Southern California Young Adults,” April 23rd, 2000



One should always talk less and work more. First, have discipline. Is it possible to talk less and work more? Why not talk more and work less? You have been doing that. What is the harm? You cannot afford to work less in America. If you do so, they’ll remove you from service! So you have to work. Yes, that I can understand.

But Bhagavan Baba wants us to talk less. Why? It is so that we don’t waste our energy and thereby lose our memory. Our memory power will increase by talking less; we will save energy. We will not indulge in gossip or vain and useless talk; we will not then be spreading scandals or rumours, carrying tales, however exaggerated; nor will we be underestimating others or speaking lies. (These are the sins that are likely to be committed by excessive talk, by too much talk. Am I clear?)

He very seriously tells the college boys repeatedly, “Oh! You’re talking too much! Go and sit back! Go!” So it is very important that youth should talk less and work more.

Bhagavan also wants us to love our country, whichever country we belong to. Patriotism and nationalism are very important.

Another important quality: Respect your parents and respect elders.

Also, have some scriptural background. If you are a Christian, go through the Holy Bible. If you are a Hindu, go through the Bhagavad Gita. Follow some scriptural principles in life.


Swami Stories Taken From Sunday Talks Given by

 Anil Kumar


Taken from “Selected Sai Stories,” August 6th, 2000



 Sometimes Bhagavan talks about His visit to North India and the Himalayas. He was asked, "Swami, Himalayas are very cold. How did You manage? Did You have a pullover or a suit or what or some woollen clothing?

Swami said, “No, no, the same dress; same dress! Here or Himalayas, the same dress. No extra woollen clothing.

When asked about shoes and socks, Swami said, “No, no, no, barefooted.”

“Walking on ice?”


”You are not affected by ice?”

“Certainly not! I am not affected.”

The Governor who accompanied Swami had purchased a new pair of sandals for Him. When Swami refused to wear them, he started crying. So Swami wore those sandals. And what happened? After one hour, Swami had blisters all over. And then the Governor started weeping again. Swami told us this story to let us know that heat and cold are equal to Him.



Once a boy said to Swami, "Swami, You are great! Swami, You are so kind! Swami, You are compassionate.” A good finding!

And Swami said, “I don’t want this praise. I don’t want these praises. Once you start praising, it means you consider Me distant from you. You consider Me separate from you. You consider Me a third person. Because I give you rice and sweets and all that, you praise Me. No, no, it is My duty. Do you praise your mother? ‘What a lovely curry, what nice pudding, what cake, what pie, what donuts!’ Do you praise like that? No, no. You don’t go to your father saying he is great because he gave you a new safari suit? Do you praise your father like that? Do you praise your mother like that? Then you say: ‘Matha Pita Guru Daivam Mari Antayu Neeve.’ (You are Mother, Father, Noble Teacher, and Supreme Divinity. Everyone is You.) No reality at all. Why do you praise Me? So, your praise is nothing. I don’t want.”



One fellow came here for the first time. He was highly critical of Baba. He saw Baba from a distance and he thought, ‘Oh, what a lovely guy He is! What a halo of hair around! He would make a good film star!’ That’s all he thought.

And Bhagavan gently walked slowly, softly, smilingly, looking here and there. And with a beautiful smiling face, He stands in front of him and tells him, “Am I a film star? And why a film star? Yes, do I look like that?”



Bhagavan made another statement: “One has to be dear. It is not enough if you are here. It is not enough if you are near. It is necessary that you have got to be dear.”