Swami Stories Taken From Sunday Talks Given by

 Anil Kumar


Taken from “Sri Anil Kumar Speaks to Southern California Young Adults,” April 23rd, 2000



It is the spirit that is more important than the tune; the beat and the tone is all vanity. However, in-group singing, singing together in a community, has got to be perfect. When you are a lead singer, you have got to be an expert. But left alone, you can sing anywhere.

God can listen to any kind of tune. When a baby cries, to what tune does the baby cry? The mother is not mindful of that. The mother will not expect the baby to cry in a particular beat to a particular tune. The mother will respond immediately.

You asked, "How to please Swami?” We can please Him by following His teachings. "I am the Truth, I am the Life, I am the Way." That is what Jesus said. So too, by following Swami’s teachings, we can please Him.



Young Adult: “Some of the young adults are now finishing college, and they’re looking at careers and jobs and employment. How would they know that they are going to the right company so that they don’t shift, like you were saying?”

We can only pray to Swami. Certainly you will get an intuitive feeling or hear an inner voice. Suppose there are two jobs – one that pays you more and another that pays you less. But Baba might tell you to take the job where you are going to be paid less. Why? Because in the long run, you will be benefited.

It is the inner voice which tells you in clear, unambiguous terms about how you should act. Your inner guidance may not necessarily follow your choice or be based on your preferences. Also, the mind may try to prompt you on both sides -- it will be dual: “Take it! Why not this? Why not that? Why not next?” That is the mind prompting you.

But the inner voice tells you clearly, "Do this, not that.” Am I clear?



Then, Bhagavan wants us to be extra careful in our relationships with the opposite sex. He believes in absolute segregation of men and women. No mixing at any stage, whatever it may be. He wants us to conduct ourselves in a disciplined way, particularly in our relationships.

Swami wants us to treat all ladies as our sisters and they should treat us as their brothers. That’s all. Relationship between brothers and sisters is the only thing that should prevail.

In case of any organisational matters, we should go to the elders and get their instructions. We should seek their guidance and follow it. There should be no rebellion, no questioning, no independent movement. There is nothing like other states being separated as in Soviet Russia. ‘United’ States of America! You should stand united. No movement, no organisation, no unit can declare independence. We all function under one Sathya Sai banner. That’s all. So we have to be guided by the seniors and then carry on life.

Work culture, respect for parents, service, motivation, loyalty to the company, never missing an appointment with God, the spirit of patriotism, discipline – these are the principles that Bhagavan wants us to cultivate right from this stage of youth. Am I clear, sir? Am I clear to you all?

Your faces don’t seem to approve of what I said. If I had said, “Question your parents! Fight the elders! Do it your own way!” then you would’ve clapped, I think. You would’ve cheered me! (Laughter) But that’s not it. Truth may be bitter, but Swami wants us to learn in a tough way. It may not be palatable; yet in the long run, you will be benefitted.



Concentrate on your work, not on your salary. If you go by your salary and pay packet emoluments, you’ll land nowhere. Cultivate the work culture. Your commitment should be to the work, not the salary. Love your work more. Develop skills and techniques. These are more important than salary.

Bhagavan cautioned students of the MBA class who change from one company to another just because the other company gives ten rupees more. Swami says it is very bad. Never change your loyalties. Never change companies like that. Hold on; cling on. Loyalty is more important.

Loyalty is the real ‘royalty’ in life. You feel very royal when you are loyal to the Royal within. Be loyal to the Royal within! Don’t go on shifting jobs like that. That is what Swami says.



Spend some time with God. Never miss your appointment with God. If you have an appointment with your superiors, your boss or your doctor, you will never miss your appointment. Similarly, never miss your appointment with God.

Hold on, because God will be waiting: “This fellow is going to think of Me.Hey, what happened to him?” So never miss your appointment with God. That is what Baba says.

Also, cultivate the habit of service right from the beginning.